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Danny Danger Oz

The ever-changing state of the grumpy old wanker

22 September 1967
Dear Lord! Can you believe I've been here since December 2004? So much has changed in that time. For instance, Babbage Engines have taken off! Who would have predicted that?!

Life is change. If you're living your life, it will be changing as you go, for good or bad it doesn't matter, it will be in a state of flux, and this is a good thing. The alternative is stagnation. So, may as well get on with it, eh?

More changes! My name - Danny Oz - it used to be Danny Heap. I used to be a drover (Australian cattleman/cowboy), now I'm... something else. I try to write, I try to sell toys, do art, and I'm hoping to get back to playing Santa again.

Even more change! I'm a father these days! No really! With a willing human woman! Talk about change! Bloody hell! The little bugger changes every day! We don't even pretend to keep up any more.

One thing that won't change is the fact that I am actually a properly published Doctor Who author! Unfortunately while that was a major change in my life, it didn't have a huge knock-on effect, so I'm not rich, and I still don't get offers to get laid.

I sell an ever changing array of stuff (mostly Doctor Who stuff, but some other bits and bobs as well) on eBay, but nowhere near as much or often since becoming a dad. If you want stuff, contact me directly.

I take a lot of photos. If you're interested in seeing some, click here... yes, it's that hard :)

I also have some of my photo art up on my site at Cafepress. I'm hoping to start to add more, soon.

Lastly, the most interesting thing I think I've done on Livejournal is 100 Days of Love and Hate. It's a fairly personal and frank exploration of how I feel about a bunch of things, that began as an attempt to stop censoring myself. It tends to vary between fluffy fun, rabid rants, particularly personal and/or controversial content. I'm not posting daily any more, life got... complex. But most people seem to think it's a good read. You want to get to know me, possibly far better than you'd like, that's the place to start.
The list of the first 50 days is here.


To make life a little easier for my friends and family who want to buy me stuff, here are some wishlists...

The Book Depository. (Book Depository are awesome, you should try them first if you're shopping online for yourself.)

Amazon.co.uk. Amazon can tend to be a bit evil to their staff, so I'd much prefer you use the list as a guide to sourcing stuff locally, or from somewhere else, if possible.

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Date Created:2004-01-14
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Due to an accidental overdose of Freddo Frogs, Danny Oz occasionally transfoms into "Poor Impulse Control Man." Whenever the change takes place, that little part of the mind that stops him just blurting out whatever he's thinking vanishes, replaced with a never ending stream on consciousness!
Strengths: Can eat nachoes on demand. Can travel vast distances in an old Holden. Is very loyal, moderately intelligent and likes animals.
Weaknesses: His emotional vulnerability... and the demon in his trousers that taunts him.
Special Skills: Seems infinitely dumber than he really is. Listens and observes. Eats vast amounts of Vegemite.
Weapons: Vegemite. An Old Holden. A wicked sense of humour.
Likes...: His 1970 Holden Belmont, Australia, Eucla, Doctor Who, Human Sexuality, Travel, 60's TV, Movies, Writing, Wild Places, Kali, and of course his Wife.

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