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Twitter Mini Stories 10

Been a while. Post Continuum I seem to have been constantly playing catch-up on just about everything, and not doing a great job. However, I have gotten a handful of these 140 character pieces written. So, here's the next 16, which brings me up to 248 so far. To see the previous posts you can click on the tms tag, to see the latest batch, click below...

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woohoo naked dancing

NSFW - Blame Gillian Polack's Publisher!

Yes, there's going to be a nude photo of yours truly towards the end of this post.

Another one.

Because I can't resist being a complete dill :)

Now the backstory, because for once I had a reason!

Gillian Polack has had a new ebook published called Ms Cellophane. She was naturally pleased about this and so decided to celebrate with a competition. The idea was that people would photograph themselves reading the book.

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Dalek Chase

BBC Animated Doctor Who Project - Series Bible 2

Next bit is up, and as the title suggests it is the BBC Project – Doctor Who Animated Series Bible – Part 2.

I've also added a second post today, just on some of the thoughts I've had whizzing through my mind since starting to put these up.

It's weird actually doing this. I've rarely been one to push my stuff. Hell, even putting up a list of Ditmar eligible writing rankles a bit. Fine for others to do it, but me doing it I feel like a bit of a lairiser. And talking about this project... I dunno... because it didn't actually get made, I feel like a bit of a fraud.

But then, we did put in the work. Nearly a year of it. We did our best. We were doing it at the behest of a department within the BBC, so you know what? Stuff it!

Actually, that's still false bravado. I still feel like a fraud putting this stuff up, ahhh... no matter what, my poor self esteem always wins out.

Which is weird, as I'm so bloody pretty!

Anyway, if you think it's good stuff, please spread the word.
Dalek Weeee

Doctor Who Animated Series Bible – Part 1

For the curious the next part of the history of my part in the Doctor Who animated series is now up on

It's the first bit of the series bible I developed. I could put it all up at once, but there's rather a lot of it, so breaking it into sections will be easier for everyone. Plus... I'll be posting regularly!

Discovered last night that some of my emails from that time are corrupted. Fortunately, I should have multiple backups, and so be able to get all that stuff. But it just goes to show that it's a good time to be doing this. Having copies of the stuff up online means that, should I ever lose the data, it's still around and accessible.

Doctor Who – The Animated Series That Never Was…

Right, normally I post anything from my Wordpress site to here, and also link to it. But this is a special post.

Last night I cracked it and decided to get Cliff Bowman the Doctor Who fan recognition he deserves. I reckon he deserves to be a guest at one of the big UK cons. So here is a link to a piece about the animated Doctor Who project that Who3D was a part of.

It'd be nice if the other members of the original team got some recognition, and that includes me obviously, but Cliff, and Phil Balaam from BBC Wales worked bloody hard, and I think it's time their little part of DW history was known.

Given that fans carry on about actors and directors who were almost associated with the show (ooh ooh, Ridley Scott was almost the Production Designer at one stage! He didn't do it, but he could have! *rolls eyes*), I think an animated series that was in a sort of secret pre-pre production for ten months has to bloody count for something!

Doctor Who - Four of my Favourites

So last night after barely getting through the first episode of Spearhead from Space, and then going to bed before 8pm, I woke up a few hours later and did what anyone would do - wrote a post about four of my favourite Doctor Who stories over on

I've got several posts and articles at various stages, but getting them done is always the hard bit, so of course I wrote a fresh post from scratch and stayed up stupidly late after going to ridiculously early.

Anyway, you can read it below the cut, sans about half the pictures because I don't want to reformat them all. I'm determined to still post this stuff here, since I'm sentimental and remember the days when LJ was actually good and all my friends were still here...Collapse )