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I'm not dead!

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Okay, there I've checked in a bit. Hoorah! Now maybe I can sleep since I've told the GodZoe story. Will try to check in again sooner, but no promises. Hell, I've only just started to 'cock' people again.

But next time will try to remember to give you updated pictures of Shaz, the kids, and myself. I shaved my head! I look even prettier with short or no hair!

Bye :)

Twitter Mini Stories 13

Okay, another 21 twitfics. This brings me up to 312! I'm a bit pleased with that. Back on depression medication, due mainly I think to 5 deaths and 1 near-miss this year. Otherwise, doing okay. Will do a proper catch-up post at some point.

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Rod Serling & books

Twitter Mini Stories 12

I know I've been super-quiet - things happening, sick kids, depression, being exceptionally pretty, they've all eaten into my time.  But here are 22 more little moments and stories before I go to bed. 

If you like any, please let me know, it's good for my fragile ego - it's also interesting seeing what strikes a chord with some folks :) 

Oh and for the curious, the TMS tag will take you to the eleven previous instalments.
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DW Don't Blink

Quick New Who List

Been having twitter convos with the lovely folks at Police Box Paradox podcast, and was asked about my fav story from the latest season.  Oddly it's Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. No overt or forced arc stuff, no Amy being a horrible selfish cow, it's self-contained, makes sense, and most importantly, emotionally involving.

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Anyway, he's a list of what are, for me, some of the high points of New Who. If they don't connect with me emotionally, they tell a good story, or work in other ways.  There are other stories I enjoy, but these are my stand outs.  Forget the original series, these are the reason I judge other stories so critically - the show can be this good, can tell stories that make sense and aren't solved with the sonic screwdriver or a hand wavey 'timey wimey' explanation, can take us on a character's emotional journey, or make us experience our own wonders, despairs, and joys.

End of the World
Empty Child/Doctor Dances
Christmas Invasion
School Reunion
Girl in the Fireplace
Impossible Planet/Satan Pit
Human Nature/Family of Blood
Voyage of the Damned
Partners in Crime
Fires of Pompeii
Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
Turn Left
Waters of Mars (but you really have to turn off before the Ood appears)
Eleventh Hour
Vincent and the Doctor
The Lodger (but would have been even funnier with Meglos as the bad guy, as originally intended!)
Christmas Carol
The Doctor's Wife
The God Complex

Twitter Mini Stories 11

20 more mini-ficlets. Had to add a word to two of them - you could tell what was meant to go in the spot, but it annoyed me that I'd missed the error in getting them down to 140 characters, so bugger it. Two go over, deal with it!

I have a slightly odd surreal brain, which I often hold in check to some degree.  But I watched some Mighty Boosh last night, and it reminded me I don't need to hold back.  So to me, from the super Drongo piece on it gets a bit weirder... truthfully, I'm not sure there actually is any difference, but it feels like it to me.

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Dalek Weeee

The Full Katy Manning

The original post can be found on my Doctor Who webpage. This is a very slightly edited version with less pictures, but it does have the one NSFW (the nudity is mild, and silly, but better safe than sorry) picture of yours truly that is the point of the piece.

So here’s the thing.  Chuck McKenzie had a Dalek on loan in his shop, Notions Unlimited.  I had to go down to Melbourne for a funeral, so I was going to make time to drop in, both to see Chuck and the Dalek.  Then a mutual friend, Helen, posed naked with the Dalek, and I realised two things – Chuck was totally okay with the idea, and I was so doing this!

But with all due respect to Helen, I was a little disappointed when I saw her pics.  Full credit to her for doing it!  So many people would talk about it and never have been game to actually go through with it.  It’s not about the nudity in the same way that pulling the famous ‘King of the World’ pose from Titanic is not about seriously thinking you look as good doing it.

You see, I’m an obsessive fanboy purist.  I get annoyed when people call the TARDIS central column the ‘Time Rotor,’ when the first time that device is mentioned, Vicki is clearly pointing to part of the console, not the central column.  I hate the whole ‘six people to fly a TARDIS’ thing, when the console was originally designed to be operated by one person, and there are plenty of Time Lords shown to be working their ships fine without five helpers.

And I don’t think you can really claim to have done the ‘Full Katy Manning’ without doing your best to replicate the original iconic pose.

I can prove it is an iconic photo a few ways.

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woohoo naked dancing

Artistic Vulvas and Contextual Cocks

It took nearly a year for me to get it posted, and I decided I needed a whole new blog to talk about this and related stuff, but here's my thoughts on nudity in art and how penises are usually hidden or sexualised, with little room between those two extremes - lots of very NSFW art photos... or porn pics, depending on your perspective.


BBC Animated Doctor Who Project - Dancing in front of an Audience…

BBC Project – Dancing in front of an Audience… is another intermission to things while I basically carry on about how hard I find it to write about the thing.

There's been lots of stuff I wanted to write about, but just haven't had the time. Wanted to talk about the big trip I did with the kids, and what I learned for a start. But I'm about to head to Melbourne again as a cousin just died, so I'm going to get to experiment with more travel stuff with the kids, as I try some of the adaptations I came up with on the last one.

The deaths this year are really taking their toll.  Black dog has been nibbling my bottom all day.

If you're not interested in the BBC post, here's a picture I made to go with it, so hopefully you'll at least enjoy that.

And just as some sort of rough update, here are my kids in the backyard with the blue tongue lizard that vistied today.


BBC Animated Doctor Who Project - Designs 3

Sorry about the long break, but in between preparing for a long trip with my kids, and actually doing the trip, and then recovering from it, I've been a bit busy.

Got lots of stuff to write about, but first this.  This is the last part of the story that had Nick Stathopoulos' involvement, beyond the occasional chat. It also features the head he and I built together on the computer.

2003 Animated Doctor Who designs part 3 is here.