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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 58

'The Look'
Like most people, I have physical ideals in the people I find attractive. The first things that tend to draw my attention are eyes, hair, breasts, smile.

If we're talking my 100% physically perfect female, she is around my height or shorter, slender, A or B cup breasts, long red hair, pale skin, freckles, nice eyes (preferably green), and has nice pert bottom.

You may notice, this doesn't describe Sharon. Nor does it really describe most of my other partners. Kali is the closest, and has even offered to dye her hair once or twice, but she's still not my 100% physically perfect fantasy female. There are also plenty of women I find attractive who come in no way close to this.

While it's usually brains and personality that draw me to a woman, I like that I'm not strickly tied to my preconceived ideas of perfection, that I can look beyond those and see a broader range of beauty. And it's not a 'oh, and that looks nice too,' it's a 'my god, she's actually really yummy!' Yes, being in love with someone helps short circuit some of my preferences, but there are a few women who I merely like that I think of as very attractive, women who don't fit my nor society's concepts of physical beauty.

Too many people get caught up in a few basic likes and let those put them off a range of people and experiences.

Now, it's worth pointing out that there are still an awful lot of people that I don't find particularly attractive or unattractive. Most of them I can find something that I like physically about them, but it's not like I'm looking. If I'm asked to be totally honest with someone, I'll tell them what I like about their body, and what I dislike. There are also people that I look at and just... yuck.

I grew up in a family of mostly fat people, but I perceive two kinds of overweight. One is just that this is a naturally big person, the other is an unhealthy looking overweight. The actor John Goodman is a guy on who the weight looks natural - it may be healthier for him to be thinner, but he doesn't look unhealthy to me. Roseanne Barr looked unhealthy. And unattractive.

Sorry I had to use a man for healthy overweight and a woman for unhealthy, it's just hard to find well-known female figures that aren't stick-figures. The closest I can come up with off the top of my head is Christina Ricci. There were all these mags calling her fat at one point, whereas I thought she looked absolutely beautiful, she had a wonderfully womanly figure that I would never class as fat. In fact, I remember when she lost weight and thinned out - then she looked awful. But I digress.

What I find physically attractive is the overall 'look'. And I can't define it any better than that. I like small breasts, but some large breasts look absolutely lovely. I like small women, but Sharon is not small and she is gorgeous. I like thin, but I know some quite rounded women who have bodies I think are absolutely beautiful. I love long hair, but I think really short hair often looks quite sexy.

I think probably the single biggest factor in the 'look' is skin. I prefer women with some. But seriously, some women have the most glorious and beautiful skin, the sort of skin you want to lose a few hours just running your hands over.

But quite often the 'look' is just a few elements that go together right, and help offset the rest in a way that enhances the attractiveness to my eye. I'm still picky, but I'm really happy I'm open to the wider range of beauty.

Stupid eBay People
This counts for both buyers and sellers. Some people are just so fucking dumb it defies explanation.

Sending something overseas, with a single layer of bubblewrap around it, in a flimsy empty box, so it can rattle around and the box can be squashed - stupid!

People who ask what your mailing costs will be when you have it written in the item description - Stupid!

There was the guy who complained that I charged too much for postage (I usually put my charges in the description), then when I wrote back and explained my reasons for what I charged, bidded for and won the item. Then he complained again, and I made a point that he was told the prices, was told I would not reduce them, and bidded anyway. So he paid, and I sent him the item. He left me positive feedback. A few weeks later, he sends me a note saying he's still waiting for my feedback. I feel really awful that I somehow forgot him and go to leave some, only to find that I had already done so the same day he left feedback for me!

He wasn't stupid, he was a fucking moron.

The seller who abused me for saying that Dalek Battle Packs that aren't tested have a chance of not working - ok, misguided. He didn't realise that they had such a high rate of failure. He has since apologised.

People who mark every toy they have as RARE when I know they're not - fuckwits!

People who try to charge $50 for a figure I know cost them $12 - greedy bastards!

People who will pay it when there is cheaper around - stupid!

Sending something collectible with just a layer of paper around it and no other protection - criminally stupid!

Fortunately the stupid people I have struck are in the minority, but I know there are still so many out there!

God I hate them.
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