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I've been feeling flat and fighting depression most of the day - thank God for Mythbusters and South Park! Been feeling drained the last couple of days anyway, and then this morning I leapt across the bed to give Sharon a kiss... and have been really giddy ever since. Probably the worst I've been since mid-year. Which I would say would suggest something physical like inner ear, but nothing showed up on either the MRI or the CATscan tests that targeted that area. *shrugs*

So that firmly put the mockers on going out Santa-ing today. I've always had problems of depression at Christmas, except for the previous two years where I played Father Christmas. That I'm down today I would suspect is more than a co-inky-dink.

But Christmas episodes of MB and SP ("It's a Woodland Critter Christmas" "Hail Satan!"), plus Invader Zim's 'Most Horrible Christmas Ever', and Batman Adventures 'Christmas With the Joker', all kept my spirits up... or at least, temporarily distracted.

At least I had nachoes :)
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