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The last week

It's been a bit nuts, what with gearing up for a major clean at mum's, catching up with Tiki while she was in Melbourne researching job stuff and doing things for Continuum 3.

Here's some moments...

We picked up Tiki from Melbourne Museum and she bought chocolate coated cricket larvae. I only had two, barely enough to get a taste, but it seemed nice enough. Though now I'm finding myself wanting more. What is funny about this is that I'm still finding my poor eating habits and have yet to conquer vegetables and most meats. But hand me a wriggly thing coated in chocolate and I love it. Even bit one in half so i could look at it in cross-section with no problems. Just don't ask me to eat pasta, or capsicum or steak.

I got a phone call from the Entertainment Store (the people who hired me as Santa) and I let them know that I was interested in more work. So that may be good. They got good reports on me, apparently. Yay!

I also got the paperwork back from Victoria Police. I had to have a background check as Santa. I lodged it late, so got the paperwork back late. It's nice to know I don't have a criminal record of which I was hitherto unaware. (Luckily sheep fondling isn't a crime if you're a drover! *whew!*)

Going to spend a chunk of the next week cleaning up at mum's. Sorting, cleaning and throwing out. It will be truly horrible. And a week will only give us a head start, there's lots to be done.

A friend of mine had dinner with my favourite band, The Residents. They talked about things like fishing and generally had a really nice time. I'm not jealous that he got to see them without their trademark disguises, but I am so very envious that he got to talk to them. I love their work and it would have been nice to thank them for the many hours of enjoyment they've given me. On the night he had tea with them, I was listening to one of their compilation albums, singing along.

On a different note, I have discovered that if you play Aliens Vs. Predator while listening to the soundtrack of the TV series of Lost in Space, you get really creeped out. Scary game, atmospheric soundtrack.

Lastly, Doctor Who starts in three weeks. Woohoo!

Goodbye, my dears,

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