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Having a very low-ebb day... what could cheer me up...

The arrival of the new series Doctor Who & Lexx series 2 soundtracks!

1. Doctor Who Theme - TV Version - It rocks, just as it always has.

2. Westminster Bridge - The synth beat music from Rose. Sounds much better here. Got me bopping in my seat within seconds.

3. The Doctor's Theme - A lovely piece, but I can never think of it other than as Chancellor Flavia singing to the Doctor from beyond death, thanks to one particularly funny commentary track where they kept laughing about it. Still a lovely, haunting piece.

4. Cassandra's Theme - Whimsical... in some ways very 50's/60's lounge inspired... or something from Johnny William's Lost in Space music.

5. Slitheen - High energy military piece. Slight Bond feel here and there, thanks to all the brass.

What?! No Dalek! If you're going in order there should be Dalek now! You Bastard, Gold! You utter, utter Bastard!

6. Father's Day - Slow, gentle and reflective in feel. Nice.

7. Rose in Peril - Curiously, no reaction either way... Feels a bit standard.

8. Boom Town Suite - Starts feeling a bit like cheesy holiday music, then settles down to something a little more... thoughtful...

9. I'm Coming To Get You - Big, impressive, and building to a triumphant joy.

10. Hologram - Another piece that oddly, gets no response from me. Starts ok but I would have expected more, simply because of the scene it represents. I think it manages to feel a little generic.

11. Rose Defeats the Daleks - A 'big' piece that feels generic...

12. Clockwork Tardis - Mischievous, joyful, and building as it goes. Can't help but make me smile.

13. Harriet Jones, Prime Minister - Gentle and dignified, with a hint of the tragic.

14. Rose's Theme - Another gentle piece, building to a 'revelation' of sorts.

15. Song for Ten - NOoooooooooooooooooooo! Why God why?! Take me, I'm old! This is the redone version of the song at the end of Christmas Invasion. It's bloody awful. Couldn't they have gotten someone who could sing! Oh god, it's like someone has strung together the torture scenes from various shows and set them to music. I'd say Neil Hannon should be strung up by the balls, but it sounds like he already has been. I have no intention of listening to this version ever again, except to make other people suffer. It's very sad, I really love the original, it grabbed me the very first time I heard it. [update] Have now managed to, through much fussing and trouble, get a copy of the original. Much happier. Will burn a copy of the CD with this in place of the new version.

16. The Face of Boe - Curious and sad. Brings a wistful smile to my face...

17. Unit - Ooh... Dramatic and dark... Cool... Want to overdub some of the old 70's UNIT music with this to see how it looks... Cuts off a bit bloody abruptly though!

18. Seeking the Doctor - Different version of Chancellor Flavia again... Not as good, but ok.

19. Madame De Pompadour - Beautiful and evocative...

20. Tooth and Claw - Wow! Love it! A dramatic mix of styles and influences just in the first half... Get me a tissue! Second half settles down a bit more, but my goodness, the first half got my blood pumping!

21. The Lone Dalek - Okay dude, no idea why you put this out of sequence, but you're forgiven. Slow and soft. Nice, but just this side of generic, which is sort of sad. Bugger!

22. New Adventures - Ooh... Big and bold! Again, just a hint of Bond brassiness, with a little sci-fi mixed in.

23. Finding Jackie - This builds nicely to a not-too-dramatic end, which suits it.

24. Monster Bossa - Like it... It's got me bopping... Love it.

25. The Daleks - Oh yes... Bring in the choir baby, yeah! Some nice weird electronica... Builds to suitably strong finish.

26. The Cybermen - Very filmic... Nicely different in tone to the dalek piece, though not quite as evocative and in some ways a little messier sounding, but still good.

27. Doomsday - Simple and beautiful start, building in complexity and intensity. Really solid piece.

28. The Impossible Planet - If they were doing a feature film of Doctor Who, Impossible Planet is what I'd want it to be like. A huge, mysterious, and scary story told on an intimate scale. The music is sort of lonely and deep and suits it perfectly. Wonderful.

29. Sycorax Encounter - Not bad, but feels like it could use more oomph.

30. Love Don't Roam - ... ... ...sorry, hard to type while I'm trying to puncture my eardrums with a pair on nail scissors... It'd be easy to blame Hannon again, but Gold chose to use him on the album. Will see if I hate it more once I've seen Runaway Bride. I do think it improves as it goes... but not enough. Would like to hear Tom Jones singing this. Think I'd need another tissue if he did.

31. Doctor Who Theme - Album Version - Gorgeous!

So all up, not a bad albottom. And I got a cute dinky little Doctor Who badge with it!

It's a very DW kind of Chrissy for me this year.
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