dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

100 days of Love and Hate - Day 53

Big Opening Weekend
When did it happen that a film that makes $20,000,000 in its opening weekend means is a flop? Everything needs to be instant in nowadays, and that includes success. But movies, what the hell happened?

Films used to be given a chance once. They'd get put on and word of mouth spread if it was any good. Now if the film hasn't pulled in a massive audience on the first weekend, it considered a failure. Some films need time to find an audience. I can't remeber if it was The Big Sleep or Casablanca but one of those films was a sleeper hit. It built its audience over months and slowly became a huge earner.

Of course, it'd probably be less of an issue if Hollywood actually took some time to make sure the script was right first, then start filming. But hey, that's another rant.

The short version is, I hate the whole opening weekend mentality.

I don't know what it is, but I love surreal imagery and ideas. It's probably one of the prime reasons I love Phillip K. Dick's writing, it certainly influences the films and TV episodes I prefer.

I love the use of dreamscape in the Nightmare on Elm St. series, adore the weirdness of Freaked, City of Lost Children is a masterpiece, as is Cabinet of Dr. Caligari... I like my bizarre, dream-like worlds.

Many of my favourite Doctor Who stories have that slightly unreal aspect to them - Edge of Destruction, The Mind Robber, The Happiness Patrol, Deadly Assassin, Warriors Gate, Enlightenment...

Painters like Miro, Dali and Bosch, bands like The Residents... the list goes on...
Tags: books, love & hate, movies, videos/dvds, weirdness

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