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Ten things

Yes, I've decided to pick up on that meme too. My initial list was of 30+ things, I broke it down randomly to the most unusual/interesting.

For those not interested, it's all under the cut.

13. Had my drunken father leave me unconscious while teaching me boxing.

9. Seen it snow, indoors, on a humid 35 degree day in Melbourne (I was in an industrial freezer, when the door opened the moisture in the air fell as snowflakes).

16. Kissed Mitch (Who was wearing a dress and pretending to be Janeen Webb at the time).

18. Been three separate acts in a single masquerade (that was at Suncon - I got the award for 'Most Frenetic' - I had to ask what frenetic meant).

31. Been approached to help develop a BBC series of Doctor Who. (It never went ahead, obviously, but it's still bloody cool!)

5. Had sex in the high tower of a castle in Wales.

25. During the gas crisis I built a wood-burning hot water system using a 44 gallon drum, a garden hose, some gaffer tape and length of copper tubing.

30. Cut my hand open on a video recorder (I only ever cut myself once in all my years as a meatworker, and that was nothing compared to the VCR cut).

19. Been Santa Claus (I can't believe I nearly forgot that one!).

1. Driven the 7000+ round trip from Melbourne to Perth at least six times (I've actually lost count).

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