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Beards and Sex

In the last 24 hours, it has been suggested that I do a poll about my facial hair and a poll about who wants to sleep with me.

Of course, the two women who said I look hotter without the beard are both overseas. I mean, seriously, what's the good of being hot to people who are too far off to stroke my naked cheek?

Or even my face? *wicked grin*

And the person wanting me to do a poll about who wants to sleep with me posted anonymously! Ok, I can get the anonymous thing, but still, if I got three people say yes, all anonymously, where does that leave me? Or worse still, what if the only person to put their name to it was Lameo? Brrrr...

Maybe I could combine them and do two polls, who wants to sleep with me with the beard/who wants to sleep with me without. *grin*

If I choose to care about my facial hair, does my vanity listen to the people who think I look better without it, or the people who like me with it? Kali commented that she thinks I look younger with the beard, which is interesting, as I think she's right. Are people put off by the beard because it's facial hair, or because of how I look with it?

Is it just me or is my life becoming more complex due to 100 Days? Is this a good thing or a bad one? Should I do a poll on what polls I should do?

Given the number of responses I've had to those two posts, would love to see what people think about any or all of this.
Tags: love & hate, poll, serious thoughts, sex

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