dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

100 Days - Question Time

This is the post I promised, asking for more topics, questions, etc.

Feel free to ask something deeply personal, an opinion on something controversial, something light and fluffy, or for clarification or more detail on something I've already talked about. Or anything else. It can just be something you've always wanted to ask. It may become a 100 Questions post, if it doesn't spark a 100 Days reaction.

Just reply and ask your questions, give me your ideas, etc. All comments will be screened. As is now my tradition, comments will only be unscreened if they have a "yes" as the last word. Even if it generally looks like you don't mind what you've written being seen, I will not unscreen it without that little word. I have only made one exception to this to date, and that was the person who 'talked' direct to the audience with his response.

Lastly, many of you have learned a great deal about me. In fact, some have learned too much. Time to return the favour. Tell me a secret. It can be as big or small, as general or private as you wish. It can be something you've always wanted to tell me, or something you need to get off your chest, no-one can view your answer except me. You can even post anonymously and/or as a comment.

If you don't want to answer that's fine, but please don't be boring/tiresome and write something like 'no', better that you don't answer in that case.

But I'm ever so curious...

Tell me one of your secrets...

Tags: poll

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