dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Been a bit quiet...

I had a lovely phone call last night. I'll spare the person the embarrassment of naming them, but wanted to mention it here because it really meant a lot to me. You rock! I already thought you rocked, but you just proved it all over again.

Yes, been a bit quiet for a few days. Been without regular net access while off running around and doing dishes in strange lands, you know the sort of thing. I've started trying to work my time on things a little differently. I'm not bothering to try and work around the pains I get in my legs anymore, because it's just not productive. They hurt whether I sit still or walk around, there will be no pain, background pain, lots of it, or absolute agony in randomly distributed amounts no matter what I'm doing. The main difference it makes is that when they hurt, I feel run-down sooner. Wow, that's new *yawns*

And taking a little break on 100 Days so I don't feel like I'm having to do the next fifty this instant. I haven't been, but a break while I put time into other things will be good. Expect the next one no later than next Monday week-ish.

Plus, we have rent inspection on Thursday, so I want to put all my spare energy into getting the place alright for that.

Not much else to say. If you're missing 100 Days, you can go back and read any you've missed, or you can look at my next post and give me some suggestions of things you've like me to write about, either for 100 Days or the planned follow-up, 100 Questions.


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