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Danny "Wrong-Way" Oz

Did my first trip into civic today, to see the doco "Who Killed The Electric Car?" It's a good doco. Couple of aspects I didn't like, but overall it was very good and I honestly had no idea that Electric cars were *that* advanced in 1996. If they had been taken up, with people actively working on improving the tech, you could even conceivably use one in country Australia by now.

But getting there was an adventure.

People who have driven with me have remarked on occasion that when I make a wrong turn, I'm rather good at getting to where I need to go next without a map book. I just take the turnings that seem correct to get me to the next section of the trip, rather than backtracking. I'm pretty good at making it up, and I sometimes enjoy being just a little bit lost. But it's rare I take a wrong turn, I'm pretty good with maps.

I've never been able to navigate Canberra. I have minor problems in any strange city, but Canberra is exceptional. Even with a map book, I will consistently head in the wrong direction. Not just slightly out, but 180 degrees in the wrong direction. I did it all day today. While on foot. I'm verra tired.

I'd like to share a remark passed on to me, that I think is incredibly accurate, in it's summation of Canberra's layout - "If you can see your destination, you're on the wrong road."
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