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Poll results so far...

The polls are a funny thing. I can pretty much guarantee that if I do a poll on sex, lots of folks answer it, and some are the fairly quiet people you wouldn't expect to come out of the woodwork. I wonder if this is because sex is something we all have in common. Whether we want it, don't want it, want only very specific things or want it all, it does affect our lives. That can be directly - our own pursuit of sex or avoidance of it - or indirectly - the way we are treated by people depending on their desires, the way the media represents gender issues, the way our mental landscape can be influenced by the sexual attitudes of the people and society around us.

The thing that kick-started this poll was the desire to have some fun, but also to lay to rest in my little LJ social circle some of the notions brought up by penissizedebate.com, just in case one of the idiot's comments had hit someone's weak spot. I was originally going to have a question regarding whether or not the site was fucked-in-the-head, with three Yes answers, and an Absolutely. But then I thought, let's go into some more detail partially with regard to his claims.

For the record, there hasn't been an effective penis survey done yet. Self-measuring results in a fairly consistent .5 to 1 inch difference when compared to measuring done by medical staff. The best of the 'proper' testing that I was able to find had only measured 300 people, but they were all volunteers at a nightclub. As has been pointed out, you're also more likely to have someone volunteer if they think they have something worth showing off. Some of the medical tests had looked at as few as 50 people. My 'average' was based on what looked like realistic figures based on the research.

Most of the guys who have answered so far are happy with what they are packing, though some wouldn't mind some changes. Interestingly, from the little research I've found, the percentage on men/women that would like minor changes to their penises/breasts is the same, and even though it's a tiny sampling, the poll is in keeping with that.

Not surprisingly, there have been no women so far say that they felt "Big Penises Satisfy Women's Instinctive Need To Reproduce."

The "penetrated by a penis" question answers from the ladies were more based around a desire for sex, than a need for it to be with a huge cock. Many of the women who answered "Yes please" also answered "I don't care" "average", "Smaller than" and "bigger than" on the ideal cock-size question. Of the ladies who answered "Bigger than", most currently have a partner who is larger than average, so it makes sense that they may want that.

Shock! Horror! Women don't talk about our cocks all the time! The overwhelming answer was once in a while.

And of their most recent experience with willies, most said perfect. Now guys, I doubt many of us have perfect penii, so maybe I'm reading a little much into it, but maybe it matters more who she's with. Just a crazy theory. As for the ones who didn't think it was perfect, as complaints go, 'a little thin' is not too devastating. And if you're worried by that, just think of the last time you wished a woman's breasts were a different size - then get a clue! *grin*

My favourite comments in the "anything to say field" were...

"I know some size queens, but I'd rather have a man with a 3 inch dick that knows how to use it than a man with a 7 inch cock that doesn't know how to use it! Ouch!"

"Never used to be a size-queen, but _______ is well built 'n I'm likin' it a lot.."

"Most of the penis i've been on the receiving end of recently is made of silicon, thanks to strap-ons... You can select the perfect size!"

"Just wanted to clarify - I have not measured my penis, but a girl insisted on doing it one time."
I actually find this kind of cool :)

Finally we get to the bit directly inspired by comments. The "would you show me your breasts" question was kind of an awkward one for me. On one hand, my curiousity had been piqued, on the other I wouldn't be likely to ever ask someone to show me their breasts. It would just feel weird, and too objectifying of a person I probably liked, even if they had the sorts of breasts I think are gorgeous. For the same reasons, if someone were to offer to show me their breasts, I'd be likely to say they didn't have to.

Yes, to my eternal shame as a male, they would probably have to talk me into seeing their boobs!

It's a very artificial situation. Casual nudity - being at a nudist beach, hanging out one a hot day and stripping, sharing a bed, getting changed around each other, showering together, or even one of those non-sexual evenings where the removal of clothes is a way to remove barriers to more personal communication - those are the sorts of situations where I have seen my friends breasts. Even situations where a woman has known that I liked her body and so taken off some layers feels more natural... I can understand the mindset of "You have an appreciation for me, I kind of like that, so this way we both get something nice."

All that said, a surprising number of you would be willing to at least consider a quick flash. There were a few "probably nots", which I have to say isn't a definite no, either. Highly unlikely, but not a no, that's the way Guy Logic works. There was an "I'd like to but no" which I actually find incredibly sweet, though I couldn't explain why. The "You've already seen them but no" was written with a specific person in mind, who I didn't expect to do the quiz. And she did! And she used the answer I did just for her! Oh wait, that's a "no"... Damn, and she's perfect too! *grin*

My two solid "No" answers... came from guys.

Don't make me beg, boys...

The "I Hot" originally came from the same place as the apostrophe in "tit's"... over heated and over tired. But I thought what the hell, chuck it in. I can't be crushed with a no answer to this one, because I don't see how I could be hot. I was expecting a lot more negative responses, and can't help but look at some of the positives as people being kind.

That's not a complaint!

For te record, "Sorry but no" is an answer I prefer infinitely over something like "tepid". All or nothing, that's me. Mind you, if I'd gotten an "I want you so bad" I would have been stuck between meltdown and confusion. *grin*

"It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for..." is the last thing the Fourth Doctor says before he regenerates into Peter Davison.


I really like it that so many of the quieter folks joined in on this one. Some folks I know are going to answer without problem, but others... I'm assuming that having the quiz set-up so that only I could see the answers helped. I actually really appreciate that you felt able to do the poll knowing that. It's the sort of trust I never take for granted. Thank you.

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