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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 48

The other night I was online chatting with a close friend of mine, while she chatted with a male of her acquaintance. They had been discussing penis size, and she sent me a link to a site that they'd checked out a page of - penissizedebate.com. She knows my size intimately, knows of my curiousity for all things sexual, and thought I'd be interested in their penis size chart.

To cut to the chase, it says most women prefer bigger dicks. 'Ideal' length between 7.25 and 8.25 inches, girth between 6.25 and 6.5 inches. Okay, that's a new stat. Of course I'm well aware that stats can be made to say whatever you'd like. I take these things with a grain of salt, make a mental note of the figures and see how they stack up to other surveys, stats, etc. Anyway, I kept reading through the site and quickly realised something.

Penissizedebate.com is fucking evil.

Yes kiddies, I have a brand shiny new hate, and it burns like a magnesium flare. And as happens when something really gets to me, I'm going to go on and on about it. At best, it's a misguided attempt by a total frigging moron to help guys out by letting them know once and for all that yes, as much as your lady loves you, she probably wishes you packed more meat. At worst, it's a nasty attempt to further play on male insecurities in order to make money by selling advertising. It's funny for its ignorance, but not funny enough to make up for the fact that in all likelihood it's taking guys who already have self-esteem issues and putting them further through the grinder.

Many of the folks on my friends list are geeks, people with good intelligence and at least a vague idea about what passes for scientific study or debate. With that in mind, let's look at some of my favourite claims and comments. Many of these amuse me and make my skin crawl at the same time...

Big Penises Satisfy Women's Instinctive Need To Reproduce - My favourite reason for this is "Copulating with a big penis creates more chance for offspring". Wow, what size syringes do lesbian couples use when they are trying to get pregnant? Does that mean only the ones who use big squirters are successful?

Examples of Sex Experts' Free "Help" - Yep, he lays into sex experts for not telling it like it is. His "Comment to the Experts" on one of the follow-up pages is amazing, "A note to the psycho-therapist, sexologist, sex-therapist and other know-it-alls reading this: Can't you just make it clear to these guys who are troubled by the size of their penis, that women are human beings also, meaning that when they are sexually excited they want to be penetrated by a penis, preferably a rather large one...

Penis Size Talks: What Women Think About YOUR Penis - "Women tell each other everything -
* If your penis is talked about a lot, it means it is either small or big.
* If she never mentions your penis, it is because it is considered average; nothing interesting to chat about."
Oh my God! Women talk? To each other? About men? Don't you love the phrasing, the idea that if your girlie doesn't talk to her friends about your dick, you're nothing special. Couldn't be that she doesn't wish to, that she's shy, or her friends aren't the type that want that sort of detail...

Check out the chart for "Penis Length and Penis Girth, What Do Women Consider Small and What Is Big?" that tells you what they are really thinking. It's a corker! And fucking evil! Oh wait... there a page that is even more evil!

85 Penis Size "Facts" - I'll just give you the first one "If you are a woman and you don't prefer bigger than average penises, then you are... an exception."

Here are some other pages...

"Comparing Gorillas and Chimpanzees Proves that Women Prefer Big Penises... and Big Ejaculations!"

"Women Prefer Larger Penises Because They Are Sluts Promiscuous"

"If There is Such a Thin as Too Small, Then Penis Size Matters"

"Why Women Lie About The Importance Of Penis Size"

"Sex experts are either ignorant or cowardly"

"Women Care About The Size Of The Flaccid Penis"

So yes, the site is exactly as foul as it seems. I find myself laughing at a lot of his facts and claims, then reality kicks in and I see how much damage he can do. Many of you would remember my penis post. If I had seen this site when I was in my teens, I would have been completely fucked up, once and for all.

I'm gunna be ranting about this one for years. It's right up there with the old "I hate fags" website for its ability to piss me off and offend me, while making me laugh at the stupidity of its attitude and "facts."

And people wonder why I want to kill of 90% of the human race with bird 'flu...

My tastes when it comes to women are similar to my tastes when it comes to music. I like a fairly broad range, and even when I say there are things I don't like, there are also exceptions to those. So while I've never been big on bottoms, a nicely shaped backside can fully grab my attention, as can a great set of legs, a nice body, great hair, lovely eyes, etc.

I'm a breast man, have been for as long as I can remember. My choice runs towards smaller breasts, A and B Cups. This tends to confuse people because all bar one of my long term partners have had, to put not too fine a point on it, enormous jugs. It's funny how many people seem to get confused when they find out I like small boobs. They say things like, "But Sharon's got large ones," and I reply "Yes, she has."

Strangely, I don't pick my partners based on physical attributes, there must be something wrong with me. If I had only been more picky physically, no doubt my life would have been filled with slender, small-busted redheads with green eyes and perfect, rounded arses. Because physical attributes are all that matters in a relationship with someone. Grrr...

It's funny how many women who, when they find out that I like small breasts, go "Oh, you wouldn't like mine then."
Firstly, there's only one way to find that out, and that's put it to the test, so don't say it unless you're willing to test the theory *grin*.
Secondly, chances are if I like you it won't matter either way. I've had one partner who had what I consider a perfect chest. But do you honestly think that I hated my other friends/partners chests? If the person is right, perfect breasts or a perfect body are only a bonus.


What mainly attracts me to breasts is shape - If the breasts look nice I don't care about the size. So there are women who have large breasts that I think are perfect and beautiful. But more consistently, I find that smaller breasts will have a look and shape I find pleasing. I'm not going to bother to try to go into details on what it is about shape that I like, because it varies so much. Something that I find pleasing on one woman will do nothing for me on another. Go back to my post on Porn for links to a few women whose breasts I think are gorgeous.

I tend to be pretty good about not boob-watching. As much as I like a good perve, I don't wish to make someone uncomfortable by ogling them or talking to their chest. However, that only works when I'm alert and awake. When I'm tired, my eyes become breast magnets, glued to any nearby mammary that falls into my nice range. I really hate it when I'm like that, and have apologised and ended conversations with a few women in my time when I've realised that I've been doing it consistently. Most women have been quite understanding and have picked up that I'm not exactly happy or comfortable that my attention keeps drifting due to tiredness. The nicest response I've had was from lovely young lady who, after I apologised and said I may end the conversation, replied with "That's okay," and then opened her jacket and gave me a good look. Forgetting the perve value, I still smile at this because it actually made me feel comfortable and I could be reasonably sure that no, she wasn't worried. It actually meant a lot to me that she felt comfortable enough to do this. I gave her a very heartfelt thank you.

Anyone else wishing to show me their chests will be also thanked :)

Possibly my only regret boob-wise is that I don't have pictures to jog my memory with regards to many of the women I've seen over the years, and so I no longer remember what they looked like naked. My visual memory is cactus, which is kind of a shame as it means I'm losing elements of what I've experienced. But hey, I just have to ask any future partners or nudie-buds it they mind me getting a pic :)

There's the obvious things I like, like a hard nipple run across the palm of my hand as I caress a breast. Kissing, licking, sucking... nothing too unusual. Never really gotten into the whole titty-fucking thing, just don't get it. I do love the little downy hairs that some women have on their chests (and elsewhere, necks, etc.), I really enjoy the texture of the skin, and I've had occasion to find drops of semen on a breast actually looking quite lovely.

There was a fabulous book that belonged to an ex's mother - the book was titled simply "Breasts" - and it was page after page of black and white photos of women's chests. Ages from preteen to octogenarian, all sizes and shapes imaginable, a spread of races and even a few women with scars and/or who had had mastectomies. The facing pages each had the person's story and why they had posed.

It was a lovely book, should really see if I can't find a copy of it for myself one day.
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  • Climbing out of my hole, and blinking in the light

    Been a little bit quiet. Partially life, partially... well life. Mostly depression kicking my arse. But seem to be mostly back to an even-ish keel at…

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