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More Santa stuff

Just realised I had a couple more pictures to share.

Verity and Tennille in disguise.

Me at Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre with Waggs the Dog (from the Wiggles). We arrived on an antique fire truck driven by a lovely bloke called George. Needless to say, Waggs was thrilled to meet me. And George was a legend, too.

I now know what it's like to be a rock star. Hundreds of screaming fans all calling your name... the crush as they try to get close to you... and handing out stickers to them all...

Being Santa does not get you laid any more than being a well known SF fan does. But I have had one woman (not Sharon!) since tell me that she would like to "do" me while wearing the suit.

That's me in the suit.

Not her.

My life is weird.
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