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A good day

The last five days I could hardly walk and achieved no unpacking at all - just didn't have the physical, mental or emotional strength to tackle it. If we'd been invited to go out anywhere last night, Sharon would have been going out alone, because I wasn't even coping being a passenger.

Woke up this morning feeling great. It's been a no-walking-stick day. Still no pattern to what causes 99% of dizziness to vanish, but the other two times in the last six months I've been this way I've tried to enjoy myself but take it easy, not over-reach. A week later on both occasions I've been worse than ever. So, may as well go bugfuck for all the difference it makes.

And so I have.

I've been unpacking madly, shifting shelves, moving things. And dancing! Dancing to middle eastern pop music on community radio as I work. Occasionally pausing to hop and skip and play around, getting my body to work the way it's supposed to, doing the things I haven't been able to. It's been wonderful.

Now, if only I had the Australian Women's Netball team to expend my energy on...

I've stopped working/dancing now only because my brain was fading too much to allow me to do much in the way of useful sorting and unpacking, too many long pauses staring at a simple problem unable to move. So at 1pm I've paused for breakfast. I may not get started again, but we'll see.

At the moment, I'm a rampant man-beast and the world is my bitch!
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