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My Sci-Fi Life.

Last night, Sharon was humming something. I immediately identified it, but thought I must have had it wrong. When I asked her what she was humming, Sharon replied that she didn't know. After a few questions, and my own imitation of the piece, I confirmed it was the battle music from the original Star Trek series episode Amok Time.

If you're unfamiliar with it, you can listen to an MP3 of the piece here. It's track number 22.


My computer has been dying a lot the last few days. Again and again, it would reboot and die. I guessed that the fans on the power-thingy (does it make you wet when I talk technical) must have stopped. Checked it out and sure enough, neither fan was running.

They are really badly placed to get at, so I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and gave each a good sound sucking. No worries. Turned the computer on, but couldn't see if the fans were turning in the cramped space under the desk. Need a torch. Cramped space, not much room to move. Torch, torch, torch.

Torch too big to work around. Bugger. Need light.

Sonic Screwdriver!

So, there I was, under my desk with my sonic screwdriver, using it to help get my PC running properly again. One fan runs fine at start-up, the other needs me to pop under the desk with my sonic screwdriver and give it a little 'push', then it runs okay for as long as my PC is on.

Tomorrow - I start to manually rewrite key components of my body chemistry by jamming the microwave door open with it running. I'm hoping to grow a prehensile tail.

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