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By popular demand...

Well ok, one person emailed. She was curious to see more piccies of yours truly in his guise as Father Christmas. Never one to turn down a gorgeous lady here they are!

This is myself with Verity. She's the world's sweetest and hottest elf. The picture really doesn't do her justice.

And this is Tennille. She was great fun and lovely to work with, too.

They were a great team, which is good really, as they had just started sharing a flat together. Tennille was the one all the guys asked for for Christmas, but I wanted Verity. Verity was the sort of person you just want to hug forever. A real sweetie.

She had an adorable bottom, too :)

The only real hint that it's me is my glasses and those staring eyes. I can't hide the madness that lurks beneath. If I get to do it again this year (fingers crossed) I may try dyeing my beard white. Though that will make it harder to wander around incognito, later.

And I may look a bit stupid. But hey, that hasn't stopped me before.

And I'd get to keep my beard, something Sharon will be very grateful for. She hates my sandpapery cheeks, upper and lower.
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