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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 36

I'm a downloader. I download. Some of it is because I can't wait until it gets out here, like Doctor Who; some of it is to finally try out, catch-up or learn about something, like the Beatles; and some of it is because the networks have screwed me around to the point where I've given up and started to download what I would have liked to have watched on telly, like Smallville.

I don't download films. Actually, that's not strictly true. I have downloaded an uncut copy of Caligula. Once I get the time to do the research, I'll find out if the local release has finally been brought out uncut (for years only an edited version was available in Australia) and if it has I will buy it.

And that reflects my attitudes to it. With the exception of Smallville, every show I download more than a few episodes of, I will end up buying. Smallville I tried to watch on Channel Ten, but after being screwed over by them pre-empting it for Big Brother three weeks in a row I gave up. I wanted to watch the show on their station, rather than download it, and they drove me off.

The Beatles... I have now, thanks to downloading, been able to listen to all their work. And I will be buying all their albums. There are other performers that I'm trying out, and with the ability it buy legitimate copies of the individual songs I want, I will slowly replace most of my bootlegged downloaded versions.

I have to say that I don't like that so many folks download major releases that are still on at the cinema, or download entire DVD's of films or TV shows, because there are many, many people that worked hard on those things. They deserve to get recognition, either your money or at least the good sales figures on something you enjoy so that hopefully the companies will make more of it. I understand that this is the only way that some folks can afford it, but there are far too many folks who have the cash and are just cheap bastards.

The smart companies are actively using downloading to help themselves. Letting copies of the first episodes of their new shows out so the buzz can start. Some are even putting up comentaries immediately after the episodes air, so that you can watch the show again with commentary.

The dumb companies are suing fans without warning.

Oh well, tired now, must leave computer downloading the first episodes of Battlestar season 3 and Supernatural season 2.

purrdence suggested the topic of 'bunnies' in one of my calls for things people may like me to talk about. However, I don't actually love or hate rabbits. Then I thought about it, and I do hate part of what they represent to me, and that's introduced species.

Australia has a huge diversity of unique flora and fauna. Travel 100 km and you'll be seeing new plant and animal species and subspecies. The problem with many of the introduced species is that the vast majority crowd out the original inhabitants, if not actively destroy them.

Argentinian Ants have formed a mega-colony in Melbourne, at least fifty kilometres across. This doesn't normally happen, but in the new environment of Australia, rather than breaking into smaller warring colonies, they've chosen to merge. And they are taking out our native ants.

Cane Toads are a huge problem, competing with native species for food, and of course the buggers are toxic to eat. Indian Mynahs breed like rabbits and have been known to force native birds and their eggs from nests. The Crown of Thorns starfish has wrecked chunks of the Barrier Reef, bees are ousting our native stingless variety, and just to prove that animals aren't the only baddies, the aquatic weed Giant Salvinia is choking our waterways.

And, as much as I love cats and dogs, if I could remove every last one from the continent tomorrow I'd do it.

I have a dream. A dream in which nanites are created that accurately target specific introduced species and make them sterile. Let them have one last generation and then no more. No more cats and dogs and feral donkeys, no more gorse or elephant grass, no more European crab or Asian mussel.

When I was driving to Canberra with Tiki, something shot across the road in front of me and I slowed automatically. As I recognised it, I said "fox!" outloud. I paused and followed it with, "shouldn't have slowed down."

Tiki's reply?

"I was just thinking that."
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