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Hooray for a working PC!

Finally got my computer working after a couple of days of swearing at it and the loss of a fair bit of data, the important stuff of which was backed up. Which means I should get back to the Skeletor & Hordak storyline at last! Big thanks to those who did strips that complimented the storyline - you rock!

Also means I should get back to 100 Days regularly again, which some of you will be pleased about, and others will groan about. Since putting up the counter, I've had about 3,500 hits. Now allowing for very approximately 2 thirds of those to be due to the counter clicking over when people hit the LJ cuts, replies, and my friends page, I'm getting approximately 40 hits a day. Which is not bad. That said, the human sexuality and penis posts saw each post get 300 hits a day for a couple of days afterwards.

Interestingly, 100 Days has not only become a meme that some folks are attempting, but it has spurred some variations on the idea - 50 Blind dates, 100 Significant people, etc. The important thing is that people aren't just doing lists, but are actually talking about these things.

Very weird to have, directly or indirectly, had such an impact.

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