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No 100 Days today, too mentally exhausted by all the partying last night.

Ahhh... my final week and a bit in Melbourne is filling up. The delightful Mel and Ken today for a while, Russell "Ginger-Headed Sex-God" Farr and Bernadette (my biological mum) on Tuesday in the city for breakfast and lunch respectively, Scienceworks Thursday so I can finally see one of Tiki's Lightning shows after only, oh, six months!

I'm needing to try and make sure I rest between things, or make people come to me. Got to all-too-briefly meet willowgypsy yesterday when she drove out to Tiki's to collect her Angel and Spike toys, then had a get together of Tiki's science associates here last night, which was cool. But since all the moving, I've been crashing out exhausted around 8 - 9 pm. The idea of bowing out of a party to crash for the night at 8:30 is so totally alien, but I'm trying to be sensible and listen to my body's insistance that I rest. Besides, most night's after 8 I'm so vague I'm not contributing anything to a conversation anyway.

Leave Melbourne for Canberra on Tuesday 17th, aiming to get up there Wednesday night. Tiki will be heading up with me - she knows how to drive my car in case I only last 20 minutes behind the wheel, so it's all good - and I'm paying for her airfare back. She also suggested splitting the drive over two days in case I find it too physically taxing. Nice to have a sensible brain nearby to stop me making silly decisions.

That's about it. Danny go boom now.

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