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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 32

Okay, there are some worthwhile people posting to Livejournal, but my God, does it get some total fucking wankers! And I'm not discounting myself from that category either. I post as much cretinous, asinine bullshit as the next guy. 100 Days can been seen as an occasionally deeply personal and interesting series of observations... or a load of self-important opinions and posts that contain huge amounts of personal information that people don't really want to read. Who cares what I think or what my personal problems are? And who am I to think it's worth putting up?

I think what I hate most about LJ's is the whinging. People who only ever post when they've got something to bitch and moan about. They never post to say 'I've had a good day today', but every stubbed toe, hurt feeling and boring encounter with another loser gets post after post. Christ! Just try to live your life, instead of dwelling on and sharing your misery with the world. Most of us don't care! And a portion of those that seem to are just being polite!

And the bastards that never think to use an LJ-Cut! Seriously if the post is noticeably longer than the screen, put it behind a fucking cut! If your writing is as shit-hot as you think, people will click on the link. Or if you're putting up pictures, a cut is nice, not everyone has broadband. Memes. For Christ's sake, most of us don't care about which fucking Star Trek character/car/venereal disease you'd be, and don't want our friends pages filled with multiple copies of the meme as everybody jumps on the bandwagon like sheep. Or if you post several times a day, put some of them behind cuts, rather than filling your friends pages with post after post of overlong bulldust. It's only polite you miserable, self-important pricks!

On a personal note, I hate that LJ makes me feel bad for not posting. I'm under no obligation to post regularly, but when I haven't for a few days, I start thinking I should post. Why? Why should I post? Do I have anything to say? If not, why should I feel bad for not filling my friends pages with worthless observations that I'm only making out of a sense of obligation?

Oh and I hate, Hate, HATE, HATE comment addiction. Where I write something and within 5 minutes I'm looking and hoping for a comment. Since when did I become so fucking needy? Getting disappointed because my friends and some complete strangers have better things to do than reply to the post where I talk about flossing the dog and bathing my teeth. Would I even talk to these people about this stuff in person. No! You know why? Because it's boring!

But on Livejournal everything is grist for the mill. Gotta post something, gotta get replies, as if the number of replies you get gives your life more worth than actually getting off your ever-expanding arse and doing something with your day!

I also feel funny that I don't get the time to read everybody's LJ's. Why? Why the fuck should I even care? I have more regular contact with some of these people thanks to their posts than I ever had before LJ. I'm under no obligation to read every post.

And the next cunt who fucking looks at me a bit down and says 'You didn't come to my party' when the only info about it was on a single LJ post made a week ago, I swear I'll skin them. I don't have time to read every LJ post every day. Here's a crazy idea, ring me! Or email me! Or send me an invite in the post... I'll probably forget, but at least I'll know it was on.

Last but by no means least, and I see this happen a lot, is the love of worthless bullshit over intelligent, thought-provoking posts. I can think of a couple of people who post a variety of things, from minor silly observations to really clever, insightful, intelligent posts that require you to actually think. And it never ceases to amaze me how many times a post that is well-written, smart, funny and needs you to sit up and pay attention, will get no replies. But the same person will post 'I dropped my toast and it landed butter side down' and fifty people will respond!

And we wonder why the world is fucked!

An infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of computers would be flat out producing anything more worthless than the average day's output of LJ posts.

And they would at least use the speel-checker occasionally.

What can I say? It's marvelous. Not just Livejournal but all the online blogs. Given my inability to keep in contact with people, this lets me visit what they are up to from time to time, get hints as to where their life is headed, etc.

And of course, I get to keep my friends up to date on my life also.

I've met people who I wouldn't have otherwise, and rediscovered old friends. Some of the folks I couldn't care less about, but many are acquaintances or friends. It's all good.

One of the great things is the dissemination of information. Emails with links I seldom open or follow, but when I see a link on LJ that catches my interest, I click away. My two favourite posters for such things are writer Warren Ellis and reprobate baralier, it's rare that either post something that I can't see a point to. But given the sheer amount of links and such that get sent to Ellis, I think baralier is the better of the two. Quality over quantity.

Sorry Warren, I'm sure that hurts...

It's also a great way for beginning writers to find a voice, find an audience and get some feedback. Whether they post their stories online, or just find people to send them to, it's a marvelous starting point. Works well as a resource, too. You can find numerous writers
talking about the process of writing or getting published. Offering advice and ideas/support.

The feedback is an important part of blogging. Most folks, myself very much included, aren't so good at replying to posts. But those that do, agreeing or disagreeing, some occasionally sharing deeply personal parts of their lives or rethinking old attitudes, bring a lot to the LJ experience. The fact that I can write something and have a reply 5 minutes later still amazes me.

And personally, in the times when I'm not writing fiction, it's something that at least gets me off my arse and writing. 100 Days has gone from a slightly more detailed list meme and become something of a major project - making me write almost every day, talk about occasionally very personal issues, and re-examine who I am as an individual. I'd never have done this in a fanzine, nor can I think of any other medium in which I would have gone to so much detail or shared so much of myself. Also by being able to ask people for suggestions, they've spurred me to think about other things to write about.

Then there's Skeletor and Hordak - Partners in Crime. I would never have put up or contributed to a web comic if it hadn't been for this. Another thing that gets me writing regularly and in a very different form to what I'm used to. S&H also led to willowgypsy taking up an LJ... She leads a hectic and interesting life that I love keeping up with.

And of course Livejournal got Sharon posting! And I don't know what the rest of you think, but I love her writing. That woman has a wonderful turn of phrase sometimes. It's a pleasure to be able to read her words.

So yes, overall Livejournal has been a very positive thing. Really glad to have access to it and the acculated writing and lives of various friends and strangers.
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