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Things I have done and learned...

Still recovering, my dears. Sharon arrived on Saturday to collect Mum and the dog and it was basically go go go from there until when I got here (lovely Altona) yesterday.

And yes, I did go to John's show last night. It was good. Could have been pretentious and wanky, but the black humour and energy helps stop that from happening. The world needs more evil old grandfathers.

I also made the time to write a 100 Days before writing this. Need to get back on track.

Last few days I've been a little hard to catch. One particular friend has had the knack of ringing precisely when I can't or will refuse to answer the phone, like when I'm driving... or trying to catch up on much neededed sleep! Will have a go at contacting people back tomorrow if I'm up to it, except of course to anyone who offers help in the Doctor Who crisis, who I will talk to immediately!

Still no calls there by the way...

I have also learnt something very important about if you're getting movers to deal with your stuff. You need two people to handle things in shifts. One to start and the other to stay away until maybe an hour or two before finish.

I ended up so burnt out that when the packer asked if there was anything else to pack, I totally failed to check a bunch of stuff. I had shown him this stuff previously, but he'd forgotten it. Also, when the movers came, they missed a bunch of stuff, some of which I pointed out. I also discovered some more later that night, and more the next day. In all cases it came down to us being frazzled, so having a fresh set of eyes is very important.

Having a tall set of eyes is equally important (thanks Ken!) for finding things on apparently empty shelves.

Ken, Mel and John came over on Wednesday. I'd like to thank Ken and Mel for taking a bunch of missed stuff to Canberra, since they were heading up to visit Shaz, made life significantly easier. I also want to thank John for shouting us a meal at a nice restaurant. Well, it must have been nice, the clown was smiling. It had been a hell of a day and it was my first istinct - something to eat where I'll walk in knowing what I'll have and won't have to think.

Haven't been able to eat Macca's for a few months, body threatening to beat me up if I did, but at the moment it's going "No, have it, save your poor tired brain..."

And so I shall...

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