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Shaz, mum and the dog got to Canberra ok. Mum likes the house. The last of the house stuff that requires me there was finished today. I am tired and headachey and sore and feel like I could sleep for a very long time.

So I might go to the Black Lung Theatre 55 High St. Northcote, tonight at 9:30 to see John Robertson's one-man show "Hunting with the Colonel". It's only on until Saturday 7th and I like John. No guarantees I'll be there, Tiki may look at me and suggest I not go anywhere and since she'd be driving... but I think everyone should pop along. Tickets are $15 or $10 conc.

The write-up thingy on the flyer reads - "It's like an evening with your grandfather, if your grandfather doesn't like you.'

You can read more here

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