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Human Sexuality reactions and 100 Days update

Well, the response to the poll has been amazing - a quarter of the people on my friends list have responded so far! That's way more than my previous poll on Star Trek Enterprise... who would have picked that? Weird.

I'd like to thank everyone who has answered so far, especially those of you who are often so very quiet. Your honesty and openness is amazing. Makes me wish I had formulated better questions, but it was a spur of the moment thing. I think it shows a bit of what I have always known - having someone who is open and honest about their life gives people the courage to speak up about theirs.

To the folks who have written really wanting/needing someone to talk to, please do. One of the things about working in the sex shop is that you learn people will talk to you about their problems before they'll see a doctor or counselor. That used to be a niche I filled in fandom, the guy who knew sex stuff, the guy who got invited to girl's days, the guy people felt they could talk to. I like that role. I'm not an expert or anything, but having someone you can talk to who isn't judgmental can sometimes be enough for you to straighten out things for yourself. If nothing else, sometimes just the relief in finally talking about it can do wonders.

To the folks who ticked that they may/want to talk to me about matters sexual, go for it. Email, phone... you see me at a con and want to yak, just let me know. Or if we share a city, same applies. As a rule I'm crap at initiating social contact of any type, but if someone says they want to talk, go out, hang, whatever, I'm happy to make the time. Hell, most of the time I can do it immediately.

And you know how you generally think your sex drive is in the normal range? Maybe a little high, maybe a little low? I'd like to thank all those people that proved to me that I'm a freak, since no-one has bettered 16 times in 24 hours yet. There are times when I'm proud of that record, but I've been going through one of my 'slightly embarrassed by it' phases lately, and I was looking forward to seeing the 17-19 tab picked, removing my personal stigma... Oh well, the poll has only been up for a day. Maybe a Bonobo monkey will reply.

Actually, I'm pretty hairy... maybe I'm the Bonobo! *gasp*
(I've just come up with the twist for M. Night Shyamalan's next flick.)

To the people who are looking at that little personal record with lascivious interest, I would remind you that it was nearly 20 years ago with a partner who matched my sex drive, and we were actually trying to see what we could manage in that amount of time. Two decades later and my abilities in that area were already greatly reduced, even before my current health issues.

In response to the many comments and emails, I actually have a list of things to talk about and yes, on the list is the sex shop, my willy, and my own sexuality, amongst other things. I delberately didI've currently got about 12 posts that deal with sexuality or preferences in some form, which I always intended to spread out through 100 Days. I've got something like 30 film/tv related posts, 15 'people' posts (both general and specific), 5 fan posts, etc.

In the first poll I did on 100 Days, people brought up a range of things to talk about. Some I can't talk about, simply because I don't love or hate them. Housework, for instance. Others I can talk about but possibly not in the way that was intended. The things I love or hate about Furry fandom are the same things I love and hate about fandom in general.

However those questions did, in some cases, remind of things I'm passionate about. So here's another chance to bring up things you'd like me to talk about...

I want to see if you Love or Hate...

I currently have 54 things on the Hate list and 80 on the Love list. The fact that I may run out of things I hate before I hit the tonne, and have too many things I love, makes me really happy. When I started this I remember thinking that it's much easier to bitch and complain than it is to be positive, and wondered whether I'd have enough good stuff to write about. It's really nice to see that I have so much that I love in my life.

Thanks for sharing this journey of self-discovery with me.
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