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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 26

Internet Scams
I think what I find so vile about them is that there's no conscience at work, anyone is a target. I grew up around crims, and back then, pre-drugs, pre-internet, the majority had a code. You don't hurt kids, old people or those that can't afford it.

That meant, no robbing houses in poor neighbourhoods, where people probably can't afford insurance. Don't steal from milk bars, they can't afford it. Don't steal from old people, most are struggling... You get the picture.

But the net opens us up to every gutless wonder out there. If the net didn't exist, these parasites would still be pinching chocolate bars from the local shop. But now they can attack anyone, and they don't care what effect it has.

Okay, some of these people were hoping to get rich quick. Hoping to rip-off a system, make a quick deal, whatever... You can argue that maybe they brought it on themselves. But the people who think that their bank has written to them, needing their details, why should they have their accounts cleaned out?

I think all internet scammers should have "gutless wonder" tattooed on their foreheads for all the world to see. They should be made to work for and support the people they've ripped off for a few years.

They should have their bank accounts drained.

I love reading a good book, there's nothing like it. Immersing yourself in a new world with new people. It really is a special gift, to be allowed a glimpse into other people's worlds and creations. I don't make as much time for it as I'd like, but love it when I get the chance.

One of the problems I have is that I'm just such a slow reader. A good old-style novel of around 150-200 pages will take me a few days to a week at best.

But thick or thin, I loves me books! I'm not a terribly discerning reader - I don't often sit there and find something badly written, for instance. If the characters are working, the story is holding my attention, I don't notice the way it's written.

Short stories are a favourite because of my reading speed. So before I wander off to pack, may I recommended Borderlands and Ticonderoga Online. Both are worthy of your interest and support.
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