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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 25

I don't shower every day. I grew up in environments where you didn't for various reasons. Lack of water being the main one, which is also why I don't water the garden unless it's absolutely necessary. I try to minimise my water usage as much as possible.

In a lot of the places I grew up, plumbing of any description was a rarity. I still remember needing to go for a crap at one place and the guy in charge giving me a small shovel and a single square of toilet paper! My parents attitude was another contributing factor - they grew up in the days where you showered once a week whether you needed it or not, and had a whore's bath every day or so.

But I digress...

I absolutely adore showers. Not much for baths, but love, Love, LOVE showers. I sit in the shower until the water's threatening to get cold, then get out. That's one of the reasons I don't shower every day, I'm very aware of how much water I'm using.

Showers for me are special, one of the few times when I stop looking at things, when my brain stops buzzing with ideas or observations. At the same time, a shower clears my thoughts, gives me fresh ideas to play with. But there's also the relaxation. I let the water pour over me, warming me, relaxing me. There's nothing like just letting myself flop under the spray...

Showers are also something I like to share, always have. One of my special treats is to get someone I like in the shower and wash them. Nothing pervy or sexual, I gently but firmly wash their back, arms, legs, hair, etc. Unless they are someone I've been intimate with - and often even if we are lovers - I usually get them to do their own genitals. The point for me is to pay attention to the person, not get a feel, plus usually the best person to wash your bits is yourself.

I've been lucky enough to shower with a few of my friends over the years. I've been surprised how many folks have taken me up on the offer. I guess most have gotten to know me well enough to feel mostly comfortable. Sharon was actually one, though our first shower together was post-masquerade. After 3 or 4 goes at getting the blue bodypaint off, and still being left with lots of blue, I offered to help her wash it off. That was a strange one, there were so many guys in fandom at the time that were trying to get Shaz interested in them, and who would have killed to get close to her, and here was I with no interest at all getting to wash her naked body.

Life is odd.

I've got a nasty dry cough at the moment. It's tiring and annoying. But what I really hate is people with nasty coughs who don't cover their mouths. If their hands are full, fair enough, but the folks who wander about gasping and hacking away, spreading spit and germs everywhere, I just want to smack.
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