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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 24

3D Graphics
I'm not a bad artist. I can, given time, produce something recognisable. The problem I have is that I like detail, I like accuracy, and I simply don't have the artistic skills to pull that off.

I may not be able to draw or paint, but I can build things in 3D. And it allows me to be as anal retentive as I need to be... i.e. putting in all the fine detail that people don't consciously notice, like small scratches and dents, little marks, all that. I obsess over it. Everything is built in one-to-one scale, too, within the confines of the computer.

3D graphics allow me to create, to do pictures and animation, be photo realistic in some cases. Hard to manage that with people, but with robots, props and many environments it works a treat.

I'm a storyteller, and that's the other thing. I can animate what I build, tell a little story. I've done a few small bits of animation, but not too many. I got seriously burnt out, working on Who3D. That's not a complaint, just a fact. It's been very hard to get back into modeling... still haven't managed it, but hoping to turn that around. For starters I can make money with it!

It's also handy. I use my models as tools. With the new house, I've built it and I'm doing most of the figuring out on placement of furniture on the computer. It'd be less of an issue if I was going to be there, but I'm not. And it's not like mum or Shaz can move heavy stuff... hell, it's not like I can either, these days.

I've used this technique a few times and it works well. It lets us cram furniture in where we need to, find most of the flaws in an idea before we actually start moving things around. It's also fun to build your house using a Quake map editor, coz then you can shoot monsters in your own house!

But it's the joy of creating or copying something I love. I could never have drawn the Continuum Infinity Hourglass, but I could build the image I had in my mind, and refine it until I was happy enough with it.

It's allowed me to do some stuff on Skeletor Hordak that I simply couldn't have done otherwise. Skeletor in the Tardis I could have done, but the joy I had in creating the shot of the Doctor and jamie surrounded by daleks is huge. And then there's things like the vats of Mer-Man clones...

My new webcomic, still very much in the planning stages, I'm hoping to do in 3D for several reasons. One is that it gives me full control, another is that it will hopefully teach me to model smarter, put in less detail but do more work with texture maps and the like, and the last is, it'll be fun! If I suddenly get the urge to do an animation with a character, I can. I've worked out the spaces, the shop, workshop, rooms... now I just need to build them, and the environment surrounding them.

As to 3D animated films... well, I'm always curious as to the techniques used, the animation, the modelwork and lighting... but as always, if the characters don't engage, or the story is weak, I give it the same disdain I give to all badly done films.

But yeah, I enjoy creating in 3D, and hope to get firmly back into it.

I am a chaotic, forgetful, creative personality. Oh how I want to be neat, but I never seem to be able to manage it.

I'm messy, I try to be neat, try to be tidy, but I always slip back into chaos and confusion. There's really not much else to say... I'm messy. It's one of the things I seriously dislike about myself. I wish I wasn't but I am and nothing seems to change that. I don't just shrug and accept it, I do try to change but so far, no luck. I'm hoping that with the move I can start fresh, keep all my crap in carefully defined areas, rather than letting it spill out into the rest of the house.

Wish me luck!
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