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Weekend get-together and stuff!

Just a reminder, today and tomorrow is drop-in day. Any of you buggers is welcome to drop-in and say hi from noon-ish (you can come earlier) onwards until late-ish both days. If you're not sure about the time in either direction, ring.

Given that I'm not generally capable of driving to the MSFC these days (or often even down the shops) this is likely to be my last chance to catch many of you before I run away to Canberra.

If you wish to double check the address (because I moved a while back) ring me either on the mobile, or on THE Bastard line. You can also reply on here, I just don't know if/when I'll get it.

Yesterday was quiet and a bit flat. No Sharon to hug, no Kali to cuddle either and unable to contact Bernadette (biological mum) on the phone this week. Highlights were watching an episode of Life on Mars, which seriously rocks, two episodes of the muppet show in the evening and sending off a bunch of parcels to eBay people, which I kind of like because I know they'll be getting cool stuff because of me. It was all Doctor Who or Muppet stuff :)

Which reminds me, would anyone on here be interested in full scale Vamp-Muppet Angel, from the Angel episode, Smile Time. If so, let me know and I'll see if my warehouse still has them and check the cost. There are also a bunch of Buffy action figures out, no idea of cost.

But one positive thing about yesterday, mum made me chips. I love mum's chips. They are a real treat. As you eat them you can feel your arteries clogging and your blood pressure rising. Real, old-style chips, flat and round and swamped with salt to try and soak up the grease. Delicious!

Oh and Sharon's mum sent me balloons, which was nice. Part of me wants to release them Monday morning and let them shoot for the heavens... and part of me immediately goes "AAaarrrghghh! No! Litter!"

Oh and last night I had a realisation... I will be without my computer from next Sunday/Monday. I'll still be able to write stuff on the laptop, and post from other people's places, but I won't be able to do Skeletor/Hordak. I've been flying without a net on this one, doing the strip each day as I needed it. I'm now thinking I may need to go nuts and get them all done this week. Either that or try to leave it with a weird cliff-hanger, the resolution of which will doubtless be disappointing *grin*


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