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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 20

Curing gays
It's hard to believe, in this day and age, that people still think that being gay means there's something wrong with the person. That it's an ailment to be fixed or cured, rather than just another facet of life, of people.

It disgusts me that there are camps and treatments to 'cure' gays. That there is pressure in some places for people to 'seek help.' It's worse, to my mind, than being hated for what you are. This is a denial that who and what you are is anything more than an aberration. And there are those attempt to help, by changing a core part of a person's identity.

I wish there were camps and treatments to cure small-minded fear and bigotry. The world could sure use those.

Except I'd rather someone be an 'honest' bigot than be brainwashed into open-mindedness.

Kolchak - The Night Stalker
I grew up watching Night Stalker and loving it. It was a regular for dad and I, sitting up and watching it together on its many repeats.

Many of the episodes were average or weak, but what made them watchable was Darrin McGavin as Carl Kolchak. With a deft hand for comedy, and the ability to convincingly look scared and react with fear and terror even when being chased by someone in a bad monster suit, McGavin made this series a must-see.

And when you get the good episodes, they are absolutely gripping.

But the bonus joy of the series was the characters. Carl's ongoing arguments with his co-workers and long suffering editor, plus the best bit parts on TV. I swear, this was a show that people would have killed to get a bit part on. Very rare a speaking part wasn't funny, quirky, or going head to head with Kolchak. The dialogue and acting as he continually irritates the authorities is fun, and it always jumps up a notch when the guys in charge get their own back, much to Carl's indignation.

Chris Carter based The X-Files on the series. In preparation for his own show, Carter refused to go back and rewatch Night Stalker. Instead, he preferred to write his stories remembering how the 70's series made him feel. That first season of X-Files does an excellent job of establishing its own mythos while capturing the feel of its predecessor.

The 2005 series of Night Stalker is rubbish. Interestingly, it looks as though they've tried to model it on X-Files more than the original series. Unfortunately, they copied the weaker elements of X-Files and none of the important elements of Night Stalker, other than his name and that he's a reporter. What made the original series work was Kolchak working alone, scamming his way through things, irritating authority figures, and of course, dealing with marvelously written bit-part characters. The new series saw him ending up with friends to help him, a story arc, none of the wonderful bit parts and a drab, dark tone.

The best modern day equivalent of the classic series is Supernatural. Smart, savvy, funny, and only stealing from the best, Supernatural is Night Stalker for the modern TV viewer.

Hmmm... Think I'll buy myself Night Stalker on DVD for my birthday... And Supernatural for Christmas...
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