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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 14

Food sex
Except for one, highly specific exception, food being spread or smeared on people's bodies just turns me right off! It makes my skin crawl and I find it utterly revolting. All I can think about is how yucky and sticky and nasty it all is. A tiny dollop I may be ok with, but beyond that it's all gross.

I've never gotten the thing about wrestling in jelly either, beyond the idea of two people wrestling in a slippery surface and maybe getting naked. The moment it is meant to be erotic or sexual - EEeeewwwwwwwwwww!

I like socks. Like'em long, like'em colourful. Always have. Red and white stripey socks are something I love to wear, partially because I like them, and partially because I love the irony of a supposedly rough, tough, Aussie bloke wearing long stripey socks.

I try to only wear my red and whites on special occasions, or if I'm hoping to get lucky. Or both.

I buy childrens socks sometimes, because I like the colours or patterns. I make them fit me. Strangely they don't last long.

And this is completely separate but fits the category. I've no idea why, it's certainly not related to any direct experiences I've had, but a girl wearing a skirt and bobby or long socks I find incredibly sexy. Some can drive me to distraction. And a naked or semi-naked woman in bobby or long socks can (usually) get my bloody pumping much, much more than a regular naked lady.

That said, it just looks daggy if not accompanied by the right attitude.
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