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The con was good, but I had a busy, insominia-based weekend around it. So very tired.

Went to bed last night and then the alarms from the old persons home across the road went off. That was 12:30-ish and I hadn't dropped off yet. The alarms went off a few times.

I was just dozing off at around 1am when the police came around. They were very concerned that we don't lock the doors. That was nice of them. They didn't understand the concept of (A) there is nothing to steal and (B) we like the idea of being able to get out very quickly if we need to because (C) if someone *really* wants to get into your house, they will. I think I added to their confusion by saying no, we're fine with this arrangement even though the next door neighbour got broken into last week.

I was still awake at 2 and was dropping off around 3 when I was jerked awake (oo-er!) by either a mouse or one of Tiki's giant cockroaches crashing about the room. I then got to sleep some time within the next hour.

I woke up at 6.

I went back to sleep after a while.

Tiki rang up at 7:30 to find out if I was up to going to the beach, waking me up. Strangely, I wasn't up to going to the beach.

She got home at 8:30 and we both crashed out with the phone off the hook until noon-ish.

I actually find this set of events highly amusing, simply because I was so determined to get a good solid night's sleep. Welcome to my life.
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