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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 12

Puppy smell
There's not a lot of detail I can go into about this one. I love the smell of young pups. I think it just ties into a lot of feelings from my childhood. Growing up with anywhere between 3 and 7 dogs around, there were often puppies, crawling around whining with their little blunt heads and blind eyes.

Inexplicable beyond that, but I love that scent to this day.

Long-term planning
Or rather the lack thereof, from people 'in charge'. A prime example is our politicians and big business, who look only towards short term goals, with no thought of future consequences. A more personal example is what I call 'event fandom', whose plans revolve around the next big convention, with no thought or care about what's to happen between big cons, or to the after effects. But that's another post entirely.

Dams in some country areas are at 14% and it's now that various governments are talking about how to deal with this problem. As we enter the eighth year of drought. Call me strange if you want, but I would have gotten this stuff going around four or five years in. At that point you have to start asking yourself how long it's going to go for. Yes, it may rain next year, but what if it's another five years? And even if it does rain, starting to get an infrastructure in place for long-term drought solutions in Australia makes sense. But our government always think about the farmers last, never stopping to think about what happens when too many farmers pack it in and we have to bring the majority of our food in from elsewhere.

Even as I write this, in order to deal with the housing situation, the arible land around our coastal areas is getting turned into housing, pushing farmers further and further into the interior with it's lower rainfalls.

In Melbourne they are talking about having people making 20% of their trips using public transport by 2020. Great, except that our public transport is already running at capacity, even with the government subsidising 60% of the cost it's over-priced, and none of the planning is looking to dealing with the reasons why people don't use PT in the first place.

Everything is centralised around the Melbourne CBD, it's fine if you're heading into or out of the city, but if you wish to go two suburbs over, it's difficult and time consuming. It's less stressful to take the car, but as petrol prices increase, even that's less affordable.

And don't get me started on our involvement in the war...

The Iroquois confederacy has a rule that chiefs make their decisions by thinking seriously about what the effects will be seven generations down the track. I think the world would be a much better place if all our leaders thought this way.
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