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Projects and side effects

No 100 days today... it was too nuts for me to find the time on the computer, then I was too knackered. But a few people have been inspired by 100 days. Most have said that they already feel too negative and so would rather do x number of days of love, like or good stuff, which I think is verra cool :)

In other news, Sharon flies in on Thursday for a few days (Yay!), got to hang with hespa yesterday and loved that, and the first two basic background models are built and textured for my new webcomic.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Been thinking about doing one for a while and have about 35 strips written to date. Goal is to have 100+ written before I start putting it out two to three times a week. Shouldn't be too hard, but getting the models done will take a while. Doing sets/props first and holding off on the character models to see if I can cheat using DAZ or Poser, but suspect I'll end up doing it all in Lightwave. I'm partly hoping it will do two things - get me back into 3D modelling, and teach me to model quicker and smarter. If it ends up taking too long, I'll put the word out for cartoonists on the net and get it done that way.

Love Skeletor Hordak, but am always aware that at some point Mattel or whoever may crack it with us and shut us down. I'd hate not having the regular story-telling outlet, so this is a back-up.
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