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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 10

I like it. Well, some of it. Bits of it. I'm more or less bundling nude photography, erotica, softcore and hardcore all under the porn banner here. There will be other Love & Hates that touch on aspects of this subject in different ways, so this will be long, but not exhaustive.

I like what appeals to me, naturally, but I also have an appreciation of the genre as a whole, even down to its historical roots. The industry interests me, beyond its simple titilation. Porn exists because people want it. I love it partly because of my own turn-ons and desires, and partly because of my fascination with human sexuality. The sheer range and variety of things that people do or wish to see or read about in order to get their sexual buzz is extraordinary.

It's also an incredibly private thing. Some people have highly specific turn-ons. And while it's one thing to talk to friends about porn, or to trade it, it's another to show people what you like - there's always something there that's deeply personal, that you'd rather not share. It may be something completely innocent, bobby socks say, but it strikes that chord within you. It's yours and yours alone, sharing it opens you to ridicule or the loss of your special buzz.

And before I get too far along, yes, I am fully aware that there is a darker side to porn. It uses up and spits of tonnes of actors and actresses, though so does Hollywood. There are many actresses and actors than have found their way to the casting couch in 'legitmate' cinema. Drugs, alcohol... both industries have their negative aspects.

And there's plenty of porn that doesn't appeal to me. I'm not fond of cumshots and facials, as a rule. I tend to think that if you have an attractive young woman, it's often kind of a shame to cover her face in semen. I dislike a lot of porn where the guys are arrogant or unpleasant to the women in some way, bondage does nothing for me, people smeared with food is less yuck than being smeared with excrement, but I don't like either.

But over all, I like it. I'd love to write an adult film, and of course I have had my bit part in one, which was a great experience.

In my movie collection, I have films or compilations that appeal to me, but I'm also gradually collecting the 'important' porno flicks. Ones that are famous, have something special within them, or just strike me as interesting for some reason. So there's Cafe Flesh, Behind the Green Door, Debbie Does Dallas. I have The Uranus Experiment, the film with the zero G cumshot filmed aboard NASA's Vomit Comet (it's actually kind of disappointing, but doing re-takes would have been expensive). I also own Prisoner of Sex, the porno parody of The Prisoner; have a copy of Cinderella which is soft core, but has actual production values, musical numbers and choreography; and The Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival, which is remarkable because some segments are genuinely sweet, gorgeous, erotic, not to mention deliberately funny.

The 'non-classic' porn I have is standard fare - things with actresses I like, compilations of various types i.e. lesbian sex. I'm actually at a disadvantage with most porn, as my tastes tend to run towards women with smaller breasts in an industry pumped full of silicon. I either like things nicely shot or extremely amateur. I have a particular fondness for caught-on-camera types, like when a couple decide to have sex in a car park and are caught on the security camera. I love these because they are raw and honest, no playing to camera, no putting on desire, people caught in a moment of their own raw sexuality. To me that can be amazingly beautiful, arousing or both.

Of course I do feel a little bad for them, too, having their most private moments make it out to the public domain.

My favourite woman is probably Tiffany Walker AKA Tiffany Vionette. The first few shoots I saw with her were really sweet, then I saw one that was full-on, hard core with a pretty gross looking older guy. I was hoping she hadn't fallen on hard times, but then found out that no, she'd been doing this sort of stuff for some time. I just found the 'nice' sets first. The fact that I was worried about her situation still amuses Sharon no end :)

Other ladies I like are Julia Hayes and Melissa Ashley.

The same tends to go for my love of images, too. Whether it's hard or soft core, I like really nicely photographed stuff. Like the shoots from local girl Abby Winters, who I used to trade porn with before she started photographing her own, or Suze Randall who used to be a porno model, then decided that she could take better pictures than the guys, and was right.

I've also had the experience of working with friends on taking nude or erotic photos (I can't afford models) and it's interesting as it plays on different aspects of the friendship, trust, comfort and achieving good end results.

And of course I worked in a porno shop, which I loved doing, coming back to my fascination about human sexuality once more. I not only got to see a wonderfully broad range of people and desires, I got to help people find what they wanted/needed, and I got cheap porn!

The ideal job.

Sex Scenes
There's nothing like watching a film, any film in any genre, and suddenly you get presented with a sex scene. The whole film pauses as the people within it start rutting, then starts up again. Now part of me, the pervy, over-sexed part, tends to like the chance to see the actress naked, if only out of curiousity. The film buff/writer, the part of me that has majority control while watching a film, screams out in angish.

I cannot tell you how much I hate sex scenes in films. I usually find them exploitative, poorly thought out, and unnecessary in that they do nothing to further character or plot. They are often just stuck in, higgledy-piggledy wherever it looks like they'll fit, including when the characters are running away from the monsters/bad guys/attack gerbils.

I'm mainly talking here about Hollywood product. I seldom have this problem with European films because they treat sex and nudity as an everyday part of life. The sex is usually a part of the character's journey, part of who they are. In most Western films, it's not a part of everyday life, it's something you do hurriedly in a moment of passion, or you do in the dark while hiding, or it's the way the lazy-arse, son-of-a-bitch writers choose to show the emotional depth that has developed between these two characters - 'And now we'll have them fucking, and that'll show the audience that they really love each other.'

Sex is seen as something that is separate from the rest of life, and in the majority of films that feature a character that enjoys sex, who is a sexual being, they are portrayed as a pervert, someone abnormal. And this is one of the reasons those scenes annoy me. In the way the characters are sketched, or the context of the film, sex isn't a part of who they are. So when the whole film stops and they screw, it's mechanical, unengaging - I feel nothing for the characters, no joy, no desire, nothing. Which is really bad. All I'm thinking is, 'Get on with the story.'

Even as the scenes are separate from everything else because they seek to keep sex and the everyday lives of the characters separate, they are putting them in because that's what they think the audience wants. It's incredibly hypocritical.

If I want to see sex, I have a collection of film porn. I have an entire intenet at my disposal. What I want from films is story and entertainment. If the characters are going to have sex, I want it to mean something, to them and to us, the audience.
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