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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 5

Well, whichever department it was that saw the "Rude Villains of Doctor Who" clip removed from Youtube. Most of the gags were only mildly humourous, and not that rude at all, but the best one was the last and worked much better than it should have.

It featured a cyberman talking to the Doctor about Billie Piper. After a short conversation, the cyberman starts going phwoar at an increasingly higher pitch, while the Doctor looks on frowning.

What made it work was whoever had done it had emulated the cyber and dalek voices very accurately. Nothing like a dalek screeching "Dalek computer generated imagery is superior!" This wasn't some stupid fanboy just overdubbing something - some thought had been put into it.

And now it's gone.

Thanks BBC, for showing you have no sense of humour, you stupid bastards. What I find most annoying? They took that, and the "Death of Rose Tyler" clip (featuring a long sequence with Rose, who is suddenly crushed by a falling piano) off the site, but there are all manner of slash fic sites out there untouched. And sites where companions have been photoshopped onto nude women or into having sex.

If it's about protecting the brand, I know which of the two I'd rather people find.

Now, I resent eating, but one of the few foods I don't mind eating is nachos. One of the reasons is that they are just so damned tasty! But another reason they work really well for me is because I can go from having an empty plate to a full feed of nachos in less than 15 minutes! So not too much time lost on preparation, which suits me fine!

But yes, very yummy food indeed. I like chocolate - I totally and absolutely adore nachos!

Hmmmm... hungry now...

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