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100 days of Love and Hate - Day 4

Okay, the backstory to this - At a BBQ Mondy was talking about guys at his work leaving or sending messages of the word cock to each other. He told a couple of funny stories and then, a short while later, got an SMS of the word cock, sent by one of our number at the barbie. Over the course of the day, the word cock was sent back and forth many times.

A few months later, Mitch and I were in Perth, and Mitch started getting the people who knew Mondy to SMS him cock. A lot of people got involved, some knew Mondy only by reputation. Mondy had many anonymous cocks that night, but Mitch and I were looking out for him. I remember there was one tool there who started pushing for Mondy's number, and we refused to give it to him, because he was a fuckwit. Given that we were joyously sending the word cock across Australia, you can imagine what a nob this guy must have been.

Over several cons, either it changed, or responses to it changed. There was a time when sending the word cock got you a spadger in return. Or moose or mongoose.

Some time later I saw the episode of The Office that had inspired Mondy's work-mates. I won't tell you anything, except to say that the writer found a way to make it funny without being tiring. In fact it actually gets funnier.

On a personal note, I use cock a lot. For me, it's something I send to folks to let them know I'm thinking of them. I'm often too busy/slack to ring or write emails, but it only takes a few seconds to send cock. And I know that a portion of the folks on the other end will get my cock and smile, and that's what I like about it. I have also developed the tradition of, when I first get someone's mobile phone number, sending them cock.

At conventions, the cocks fly thick and fast, actively mutating as they go. Back in 2003, I ran the first Continuum convention, which quickly become Cocktinuum, and which by the end was Cuntinuum. This year I went interstate to Conflux. For the week before the con, I sent select people a different word for cock every day, including ones like willy, Old Blind Bob, wang, cunt-stabber, and ruby-red reproductive rod. The first day of the con saw people receiving Cockflux!

And at Continuum 4, c0ck - Adventures in Masculinity was launched. It's funny how these things snowball.

I also have a weekly tradition of sending deborahb a different word for cock every Tuesday. Since she's stopped working, she actually finds it a useful reminder as to the day of the week. For the record, today's was short arm. I think I've missed two Tuesdays since we started. I suspect I have enough words for cock in my lexicon (or should the be lexicock?) that I could keep it up for at least four years.

I do admit, sometimes I feel a little weird cocking women, especially the younger ones. More than once when I've been about to cock people like celuran or hespa I've paused, unsure, then sent it. They know me, they know where my cock is coming from, but I still often have that pause. Whereas I know that meljane and transcendancing love the cock, so I just go for it!

It gets even stranger when you're sending cock to someone you actually desire. There are all sorts of conflicting emotions there. But I know I'm sending them cock for the same reason that every else is getting my cock, as a sign I'm thinking of them.

Ok, wow, that last line just drove things up to a whole new level of wrongness!

Yesterday, I sent "Cock!" to a bunch of my friends - it was a cock frenzy! Below are the replies , including punctuation, that I received -




Screw you too. Cripple old man.

A live hoe

Librarian cock!

Cock :)

And a great perthian penis to you, too!

Oh it's been a long time! well apart from the little black one I bought at C4.


So now you know the full story.


Flying in Planes
Flying is fucking dull. It's a tedious, annoying way to travel. Why? Because you don't get to experience the joys and adventure of actually getting there. I enjoy the journey, in fact, I find the journey an important part of the process.

Planes are like getting into an elevator for a few hours. When you get out, you're there. Well, where's the fun in that? Where's the chance to see all the cool stuff on the way? To have unexpected detours and adventures?

To discover?

Given a choice, I will always drive rather than fly. People think I'm mad for doing the Nullarbor trip, but every crossing I see or experience something I haven't seen or experienced before! And that's what it's about. Living life.

Life's too short to waste it in airports and jets.
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