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Hello, I'm writing from glorious downtown Mt. Lawley where I've been staying with the marvelous Robin Pen. He's a lovely chap.

There has been some catching up done, with way too much to follow. Which is kind of a good thing, kind of a bad one. I've got stuff to do! Aaarrgh!

So far I've caught up with Robin, Dave Yeates, said about twelve words to Keira, spent some time with Tiki, Ken, Mel and spoke on the phone to a few folks as well. Next few days sees me catching up with Grant Stone (hopefully), Paul Kidd, Ju (maybe), Theresa and lots of people at Gengiscon. Most of the week beyond is already chockers with family. (Yay for cool rellies I didn't know I had!)

Tiki was fun as always. I've been teaching her boxing and we don't have my gloves here. The difference between Tiki and I, apart from the fact that I'm gorgeous, si that I know how to pull my punches. I is verra sore. But she's learning. Ow.
I've had a good time with Robin, we chatted long and hard as we usually do when we catch up, running the gambit from serious film discussions, personal stuff and toilet humour.
Mr. Yeates was delightful company as usual, joining in the yakking with his usual clever observations.
It was lovely to catch up with Ken and Mel again, we talked about life, the universe and fandom, which was nifty.

I've not done much fiction writing while here, but have been plotting out stuff and trying to figure where I'm going with it, which is handy. Both Tiki's verandah and Robin's life-sucking couch have been most useful.

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