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A night in Canberra

Just spent the night in Canberra, cuddled up to my gorgeous wife. Sharon's in a nice serviced apartment for the next week, then has to start moving about to friends and/or share houses until we find a place.

We went around looking at houses to rent yesterday, which was kind of awkward because I was in little old man walking mode. Last place we saw was fabulous - across from extended parkland, lots of storage space... ideal. May not get it, but we're actually going to offer more than they are asking for rent. Yes, it's that good.

It's cold here, when I got off the plane yesterday morning it was 0 degrees at 9am. I liked it. This morning I wandered out onto the balcony at 6:30am in socks and jocks to enjoy the sunrise for a few minutes. No idea how cold it was, but it was still nice.

Looking through Canberra's papers last night, I know I'm going to be able to enjoy myself here. Saw something I could take mum to that she'd love (Elvis to the Max), a stage play that I wanted to see, and one I wouldn't mind auditioning for - Peter Pan. Admittedly, I can't bloody walk half the time, but as one of the pirates I could probably get away with keeping the walking stick.

Will miss a lot of people in Melbourne, especially my old friends, not to mention the friendships that have newly developed, but that's life. Looking forward to living here.

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