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Mobile Madness

I went with Tiki today as she tried to get her new mobile phone to replace the perfectly good phone she has, but has to get rid of because they are shutting down the network.

It ended up taking almost two hours!

I'm not exaggerating. I wish I were, but Tiki was seriously late to work. She assumed (quite reasonably, in my opinion) that since 3 had taken over Orange, they'd have access to the records - to the paperwork that had already been done!

Nope, so start from scratch - wanting ID, needing to do a credit check that took nearly an hour on its own, all the peripheral bullshit. It's a fucking phone! Tiki needed more ID than she'd need to set up a bank account! They don't accept things like library cards as valid ID! You have to have the account set-up for direct debit!

There's a lot of detail I'm leaving out here, but it comes down to this. I'm big on customer service. The people working in the 3 shop can't give good customer service because of the restraints placed upon them by the company. The girl serving Tiki had to juggle up to three or four customers at a time. So, the staff are unhappy because they are having to deal with irate customers, the customers are unhappy because they have to deal with staff who aren't able to be flexible when dealing with their problems...

Mobile phone companies are constantly fighting to hold onto customers, and to woo folks away from their competition. The first to make it simple and easy will have the edge on their competitors.

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