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You may have noticed I haven't been posting. I've basically been totally rooted. Earlier this week I was at the point where I felt I needed to give serious consideration to missing Continuum - yes, I've been that bad. I'll be there, in reality there's no way I'd miss it, but I've had a bad few weeks and with Sharon's preparations towards leaving for Canberra tomorrow, haven't been taking it anywhere easy enough. I haven't been doing much to help at all, but the miniscule amount I have managed has been enough to kill me.

But at least I didn't try to skewer my eye on a rusty piece of wire, which was Sharon's trick from the other day. She's fine, in fact she didn't realise how badly she'd hurt her eye until I had a look at it in the kitchen and could clearly see the chunk that was missing! At which point I drove us down to the hospital. You know it's good when you tell the nurse what has happened and she goes "Ew!"

Apparently eyes heal very quickly, in fact the section that I had noted was around 50% smaller when I had a look yesterday, and today it's completely healed! Bloody hell! Awesome! Thank you, human body!

We've had the pleasure of the company of Sir Simon Oxwell. I like Simon, he seriously rocks, is a great houseguest, and it's been lovely having the chance to share some space with him. And we didn't talk about Doctor who once! *

And last weekend we had the social thing. Catching up with some of our friends and relatives. Which was good but tiring. Sharon's 84yo, one-legged grandfather was also on his walking stick, and able to get around significantly better than I, the bastard! *grin*

Looking forward to Continuum. I have a room, so I can retire and collapse as much as I need to. Feeling bad because I've basically had to avoid being scheduled on rego, or to help with set-up, or basically anything. Either I can't reliably be there, or there's a chance that it will wipe me out enough that that is all I'd get to do. I know that if it were someone else in the same position, I'd be much more forgiving, just not good at allowing the same compassion to myself that I give to others. Getting better at it though, don't have much choice :)

On three panels, which I'm looking forward to. Looking forward to the webcomic panel - want to get the audience to help me write my 150th Skeletor/Hordak strip, as well as giving me some directional pointers on an upcoming storyline. Also looking forward to the Doctor Who panel, love doing these with Mr. Mond, and this year we have a couple of intelligent, fun panelists alongside us, so YAY! Was going to try to put together a basic costume for the Maskobalo, but know that I'd use too much energy on it. Better off saving that energy so I can get to more of the con. And on a panel about downloading stuff off the net. Should be interesting.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the triumph that is going to be C4!

Cheers, Danny

*No, we spoke about it constantly.

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