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MRI and the upcoming move.

Tonight I had my MRI. It was cool. They suggested I bring in a CD to listen to, so I brought in the Lexx soundtrack.

Being in the MRI machine while it's running is like being in a 1980's video game. Repetitive buzzes, clicks, warbles and the occasional regular thumping beat that made me wish I'd chosen some dance music. No discomfort or stress while I was in there, but left with a screaming headache.

The last few weeks have been rough. I wasn't too bad post con, even with the nasty cold, but the week after that has been awful. Really flat and wiped. Balance has been both good and bad. I'm learning to adapt and can go without my stick during dicey periods, if I *really* concentrate. Which exhausts me utterly within a few minutes. So it's not good when I get absent-mindedly obsessed with something and wander around doing stuff for ten minutes, because I then need to rest for a few hours. And occasionally I'll get halfway to somewhere having forgotten my stick without thinking, then get stuck and have to find handy things to lean against on the way back.

Or go "Shaaarron... could you get my cane please?"

Of course during the good periods, I'm wandering around with a walking stick and feeling like a wanker, because I'm not needing it at that point. But hey, that's life.

Still no answers at this point. But on the plus side, it's looking like the previous medication was the reason my legs kept giving way. So it killed my willy and my legs. Good to be off it, I say!

But all up I'm doing ok. And trying to gear up for the move to Canberra. Have started to pack, because I need to pack when I'm able 'coz I don't know when I won't be. So my DVD's are all done. With a couple of boxes of things I may wish to watch in the next month or two. Next is the books! I must say, I'm looking forward to the move. I actually like moving, it gives me a chance to sort and get rid of stuff, and Canberra is nice and close to lots of bushland.


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