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Confluxiness and health

Well, two phonecalls that have made Conflux more interesting. mondyboy rang up to see how I was going and to voice concern over me going there. He was worried that I'd wipe myself out getting there and not enjoy/go to the actual con. I know that's a risk, but I've had two cons in my past where I ended up with 'flu or a virus and basically spent the weekend in bed. I still got to see friends I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and that made it worth it.

He also asked if I should be flying. What about the pressure change? Could it worsen the condition?


Hadn't even begun to have the merest possibility of thinking of that one. That's a good one. That's a major one. I may be willing to risk severe discomfort going to Conflux, but I'm not willing to risk worsening the condition in any way. He suggested I ring my doc or neurologist and get an answer. Just got off the phone from the neurologist, who said the only risk was my taking a fall due to the giddiness, which I risk every time I go to a doctor's appointment in the car. Or stand up.

So he says I can go.


Big thank you's to my special Guardian Angel Mondy for even thinking of this one.

The neurologist told me all the blood tests were clear, asked how I was going, I told him and guess what? I'm getting an MRI! Woohoo! He's going to book me in for one. Coolness!

The other phone call was from Sir Juzzy-Wuzzy Ackroyd, asking if I'd seen the program. I told him I hadn't really looked, I hadn't been contacted to go on anything, so figured I wasn't on anything.

How long have I been in fandom for? 26 years? And I still don't know any better!

I'm apparently doing the auction and two other panels.

Now, the other thing my Guardian Angel Mondy reminded me of is I will push myself when I shouldn't. And he's totally right. I'm a fuckwit. Normally, even if I'm feeling near death, I will do my best to follow through on something that I've said I will do.

Except, I haven't been asked to do these. Or if I was and just don't remember or missed the email (both plausible), it was before I came down with this condition.

So you are all witnesses as I publicly give my wife, Sharon, control over my panel appearances. Sweetheart, if you don't think I should do a panel, no matter how much I think I'm okay for it, or how much I want to do it, I will do as you say on this. We've both looked forward to this weekend for far too long for it to be fucked up because I can't say no.

The panels I can almost certainly do, IF Sharon thinks I'm feeling up to it and I'm not in any pain or discomfort. There's no guarantee that I'll be at much of the con at all. If I'm feeling crap, or feeling like they might exhaust me, I ain't gunna do any of them. Even if I was getting paid, I would turn these down. As much as I love panels, at the moment I prize my personal comfort more. Just not worth it, it'd kill me and I'd be doing a crap job.

The auction... I doubt I will be doing it. I love doing auctions, but they are tiring when I'm in top form. Justin can't actually do it because he'll be dealing at the time. So I'm going to publically call for my friend, protege, con room-mate and idiot savant harveystoat, to come and if not stand-in for me, then at least make sure there's some colour and movement on stage. Because IF Sharon says I can do the auction, I will most likely be doing it seated. And IF I get ten minutes into the auction and start to feel like crap, I will be leaving. I love doing auctions, but if it wipes me out for the rest of the con, it ain't worth it.

Oh, and I publicly declare that, since I wasn't asked first, IF I do the auction, I will be getting a blowjob for my trouble from Magical Trevor :)
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