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Conflux should be interesting....

Tom's party just about killed me. 40 minute drive there in the car was enough to wipe me out for the night, leave me wobbly and give me a headache and tiredness that has continued into today. I didn't cope well with the noise of so many people (weird) and was so ill I couldn't eat. The one thing I tried to eat made me feel even worse. We were there until late and then there was the trip back!

The fact I struggled so much with the evening and am paying for it so much today should make Conflux really interesting. Several days of me wanting to be social and talk to people and forgetting how I'm feeling until it's almost too late.

I feel like a bloody poser with my walking stick, I don't need it the majority of the time. Then I do what I did before, get up to go to the loo and don't take it. I finish, turn to leave and realise just how bad I'm suddenly feeling and have to seriously wonder if I'll make it back to the room.

So if I seem quieter than normal at the con, don't be put off. I want to see and talk to you all, I'm just a little more reserved out of necessity and circumstance.

And if I don't want to see you, I'll just whack you with my walking stick.
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