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Awake and complaining

The last several days my insomnia has reared it's head. I'm averaging 4 hours sleep. Blah. I was having a reasonable week, too. I'm selling Doctor Who toys, I'm getting around using Nana Heap's old walking stick meaning I'm not falling over as much (plus I like that link to my family), I was actually up to doing a little driving (though it left me wrecked) and all my eBay customers seem happy.

Yesterday was the first bad headache (knitting needle through eye intensity) I've had in a while, and I suspect it was because I was pushing myself. It's kind of silly that leaving the house and going to the shops is pushing myself, but there you go. That's the thing I'm having a hard time with. All the stuff I normally do is suddenly an issue. Not the big stuff, the little stuff. I get up and head over to tell Sharon I love her and 50% of the time, by the time I get there, I can feel my balance going.

I realise I didn't report on the neurologist appointment. He made me twist and turn in interesting ways, put me on new medication, sent me for blood tests and will see me again in six weeks! Bugger! On the plus side, the new medication means I no longer have the impotence problem... On the negative side, I no longer have any desire for sex. This is amusing and, because of the effect of the medication, not at all frustrating!

We're going to Conflux. Between Sharon's work and the little bit of cash I've made from eBay, we figure we can afford it. Looking forward to seeing people there.

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