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I've been slowly watching through Andromeda on DVD. I'm now up to season three and have watched the first six episodes. And I'm not impressed.

The first two seasons weren't brilliant, but they were entertaining and made a kind of sense. I've yet to see a season three episode that I liked, whereas I can think of three episodes from the previous season that I'd happily watch again. And I can do that without trying.

It's hard to believe a series I was enjoying (admittedly, it was as a way to shut my brain down) has turned a corner so sharply that I'm about to stop watching. All this in six episodes. The stories have been silly to a level that makes them difficult to get into, with secret missions, drawn out dogfights as time fillers, and characters behaving in a way that makes no sense.

I'm a pretty patient guy. It takes a lot to stop me caring. But they are managing just that.

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