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Sinfully good Monday!

The Gods have looked at my shoddy treatment over the last two months and decided that today would be the day where nice things happen.

Sharon got off to work ok, I got up with her and said goodbye. It's nice to see her working, she's happier and more confident when she has work.

Then I sat down for a few hours because I was feeling good and put together the four Skeletor Hordak strips (including todays) that help finish the 'Skeletor the Bastard' storyline. There might be an epilogue of two, but it's more or less over! Feel good about that.

Then I checked eBay and found that some magazines I never thought would sell are all going to go. It's nice because I didn't want to throw them out, and if they'll sell, anything will (old issues of Epilog)

Then Mum comes in with two parcels for me. It's the latest Doctor Who Magazine with a giant bloody poster! The poster gives me enough detail of the Tardis paneling that I should be able to scan it and map it over my 3D model, giving it an authentic exterior :)
And the other package? My Alien Nation boxed set! One of my all time favourite SF shows! Now I can get rid of the tapes. And I completely paid for it by selling other stuff :)

Then I'm settling down to read my new DWM and mum heads outside and comes back with a package... Can it be? No... YES! It is! It's my Regeneration Set! Two action figures, one of the ninth, the other of the Tenth Doctor! I originally wasn't too sure about spending the money on them, even though it came from my eBay sales, I even considered not opening the packet... until I was holding it! One sonic boom later, and I have two Doctors sitting on top of my computer monitor.

Tiki is heading over here shortly to take me to my neurologist appointment. They had a cancellation and could fit me in later today. It's good timing as it's starting to look like I need to carry a walking stick for when my legs fail, as they are doing more frequently (4 times yesterday). The cane means if I lean on it and lock my knees I can at least stay upright.
So let's face it, if he doesn't say I'm going to die, it'll be a perfect day all around!

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Best. Monday. EVER!

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