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So much for the perfect record

I got a speeding ticket! Wah!

My first ever speeding ticket in nearly two decades of driving. I was so proud of that record! I know when it happened and I have no doubt that it happened. I was sick and driving to the doctor and concentrating on driving very carefully while my head swum. I even remember a point where I thought 'nope, going too fast, slow down'. My concentration was more on keeping te car steady than the speed.

I'm severly crapped off by this. Not by being fined, I broke the law, I deserve the fine.

I'm crapped off at myself that it happened, by the fact that it's cost us $131, and that no mechanic I have taken my car to has been able to fix my speedo, something that may have prevented this. I want to go around to them all now and ask for their share of the fine cost.

I'm also tempted to ask for the photo. Not because I doubt it, I just want memento of the day my driving record went poof :)

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