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Masters of Horror - Deer Woman & Cigarette Burns [May. 26th, 2006|12:58 pm]
[mood |impressedWoah!]

Deer Woman is ok.

Cigarette Burns is bloody intense.

Deer Woman is an original screenplay (the first so far in the series) and very silly. There is a little horror but not too much, and it's full of great sillyness. And it has a moment, a great moment. The cops are talking to an Indian about the legend of the Deer Woman and how she seduces and kills people. They ask him why she does it and he says "Why does everything have to have a 'why' with you people? Y'know it's a woman with deer legs, motive really isn't an issue here."

Cigarette Burns is wonderful. John Carpenter is either a very good director of a crap one, he has no middle ground. Fortunately he's on form with this episode. It starts slow and builds in intensity as a finder of rare films goes looking for one of the rarest, a film with a history of madness and violence attached to it. Udo Kier plays the collector who wants the film found and gives great performance, only getting over the top towards the end, which is sort of forgivable.

It's a fucking nasty and intense trip this one, moreso than the Jennifer episode. It doesn't spare the audience and it doesn't spare the characters. The whole series is worth it for this episode alone, though of course I still have five left to watch. But I think I'll be buying the DVD's because it's an awesome series. I know have two episodes that have gotten to me, it's been years since a film managed that.

And I have to give this episode to Mondy, as it's got elements of a novel I helped him with research for. I think he'd appreciate it.

From: lonewolf23
2006-05-26 07:09 am (UTC)
I thought Cigarette Burns was okay, very intense and taboo-breaking for television, but the concept was poorly thought out and written, not to mention unoriginal, a rehash of Ramsey Campbell's Ancient Images mixed with Ringu. I liked it, but didn't love it. Not my favourite of the series.

I think I'll post my opinions of all the eps I've seen (two to go) on my own blog. You've inspired me. :)
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